Renée Stevens

Renée Stevens

  • Chair

    Visual Communications

What she teaches ...

Renée Stevens teaches various design courses to undergraduate, graduate and military students, including introduction to graphic design theory and practice, motion design and immersive design for augmented reality. She also teaches the undergraduate design capstone course, which operates as a fully-functioning design studio that helps students transition into the industry by teaching them to combine their problem-solving skills, visual storytelling skills and expertise in cutting-edge design technologies to create client work and to market themselves.


Renée Stevens is an award-winning motion and augmented-reality (AR) designer, educator and public speaker whose creative research explores how AR can help overcome learning disabilities. She splits her time between running an interactive design studio she owns and serving as an assistant professor and associate chair of the Visual Communications department at Newhouse, where she oversees the design program. Stevens also is the creative and managing director for the school’s annual design workshop, Pixels and Print, which provides a real-world collaborative experience for students through projects that spotlight the power of design by designing for social good.

Stevens, who was named a 2017 Educator to Watch by Graphic Design USA, has been invited to speak about her work in AR at events around the world, including SXSW, various American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) conferences, and the Eastern European Conference on Social Media. She is an active member of AIGA Upstate New York and serves on the board as the assistant director of education. Stevens has been recognized nationally and internationally with awards from Graphis, Print, GDUSA, AEJMC, Minted and Light Work  but her proudest achievements happen every day through the work of her students. Her favorite things include properly kerned type, perfectly paced music and beautiful white space.

Stevens has published two books, "Powered by Design: An Introduction to Problem-Solving with Graphic Design" and "Designing Immersive 3D Experiences: A Designer's Guide to Creating Realistic 3D Experiences for Extended Reality."