Class of 2020 Commencement events to be held Sept. 17-19

Syracuse University will host a Commencement ceremony—delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic—and other celebratory events for the Class of 2020 during the weekend of Sept. 17–19.  

Commencement will be held Sept. 19 at 10 a.m. at the Stadium. This University-wide ceremony, where Syracuse University Chancellor and President Kent Syverud will formally confer degrees, is for all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral candidates. Doors open at 8 a.m.

Following Commencement, all 2020 Newhouse graduates and their families are invited to join Dean Mark J. Lodato and the faculty and staff for a celebratory reception. The event will include a dean’s welcome, recognition of participating graduates and an opportunity to reconnect with faculty. A precise time and location will be announced soon; stay tuned for details.

For more information about Commencement activities for the Class of 2020, see the event listing.

Newhouse alumna becomes Fortune’s first female editor in chief

Alyson Shontell
Alyson Shontell ’08

When Alyson Shontell ’08 was approached about becoming the new editor in chief of Fortune, she wasn’t looking for a new job. 

She was less than a week away from her second child’s birth and loved her job as editor in chief of Insider. However, as she heard more about the role and new challenges she would face, Shontell got more enthusiastic about the opportunity. 

It was exciting not only to lead a legacy print publication like Fortune into the digital era but also to become the first female editor in chief in the publication’s 92-year history. 

“I was excited about my other job, but I’ve been doing it for five years, so it was just a new chance to take what I had learned and apply it in a great way to really help another organization,” Shontell says. “That was extremely compelling, and having the chance to join Fortune is an incredible opportunity, so who could ultimately say no to that?”

Shontell has made a career of searching out opportunities to develop and use her skills in new ways and saying yes to the more compelling and sometimes riskier career choice. 

She came to Syracuse with a passion for the magazine world but chose a dual major in psychology and advertising. While at the time it was her dream job to work at Condé Nast, she thought if she could use an advertising degree to get an understanding of the business aspect of media, she could work anywhere in the media industry.

Amy Falkner, associate professor of advertising and senior associate dean of academic affairs, remembers teaching Shontell in achallenging class on media sales. While most of the students who took the class were seniors, Shontell was a junior. Falkner says Shontell stood out immediately for her leadership abilities, creativity and eagerness to learn. Those qualities and Shontell’s natural “nose for business” were a rare combination to see in a student, Falkner says. 

“I could see this kid is doing something different. I don’t know what her path is, but it’s not going to be an agency in New York City on Madison Ave, it’s going to be something different,” Falkner says. “When you have the smarts and can earn the respect, that helps you lead. If you also have a leadership style that people gravitate to, then that’s the package, and that’s what she has.”

From the beginning of her time at Newhouse, Shontell was determined to develop a successful career. She applied for a very competitive internship at Condé Nast the summer before her senior year. She didn’t have any connections at the company, so she designed her résumé, portfolio and cover letter to mimic a Condé Nast magazines in order to stand out. She got the internship and thought she was going to stay at Condé Nast and work up to her dream job. 

However when her mentor at Condé Nast, Julie Hanson, outlined the business problems print publications were facing and offered Shontell a position at a digital media startup, Shontell took a leap of faith and said yes. The risk paid off. Shontell was the sixth employee of what is now known as Insider.

“Being on the ground floor of a budding industry like that at a startup where I could really help figure out what this new media could look like became a far bigger opportunity than I could have ever imagined,” Shontell says. “As the company scaled, my career scaled with it… suddenly I was the foremost expert in digital because nobody had more experience in it than I did.”

Shontell spent her first two years at Insider working on the business side of the startup before shifting to reporting. She quickly developed a beat covering Silicon Valley and worked as a senior technology correspondent for almost four years before becoming an executive editor. 

When the founder and first editor in chief of Insider left for a job at CNBC Digital, Shontell knew that other journalists with prestigious awards and longer careers would be applying to fill his position, but she didn’t let that dampen her ambition.

“I always knew I wanted to run a newsroom. So when I saw that seat open, I did an assessment of myself, looked around the room to see who else might be in the running and figured, why not throw my hat in the ring? I wasn’t the perfect candidate, but then, who would be? Sometimes you wait until you feel like you checked every box, but I figured, what do I have to lose?”

Shontell was chosen to be the editor in chief of Insider after only a year and a half as an executive editor, making her both the youngest and first female editor in chief of an international business publication. In her time in that role, the newsroom changed drastically and faced a lot of challenges, including introducing a subscription service, doubling the staff and expanding coverage. Now she is leading Fortune through one of its biggest changes from a print-first publication to a digital-first publication with a print component. 

“I am compelled by the idea of revitalizing such a storied brand,” Shontell says. “They do incredible journalism at Fortune, they always have, and it’s why they have the reputation that they have, but I know that there are things that I bring to the table that could significantly help bring it into the digital era.”

Shontell knows the change will be a challenge, but she is excited for it. As for being the first female editor in chief at Fortune, Shontell says it just motivates her more to succeed.

“I am the first, but I am certainly not the last,” Shontell says. “There are many others that will come after me.”

Falkner has been following Shontell’s career closely since she left Newhouse and has always had confidence Shontell was on the path to something bigger.

“Some people say, ‘Why me?’ or, ‘Why did I get this?’ Others say, ‘Why not me? Of course I can do this.’ That’s a big difference, right? That’s Alyson: ‘Why not me? I can do this,’” Falkner says. 

Elizabeth Kauma is a senior in the magazine program at the Newhouse School.

Munno, Craig and Richards co-author paper on ethics in student journalism

Greg Munno, assistant professor of magazine, news and digital journalism (MND) co-authored the paper, “Student journalists exhibit different mindsets but agree on the need for truthful reporting” with Megan Craig, adjunct, and Alex Richards, assistant professor, both in MND. The paper was published in Media Practice and Education.


This study investigates the ethical orientations journalism students bring to the profession they seek to enter. Using Q methodology to explore the participants’ subjective conceptions of journalism, we map their attitudes and beliefs about journalistic norms and ethics. Participants (n = 54) sorted 28 statements about journalism from ‘most like’ their journalistic mindset to ‘most unlike.’ Factor analysis identified two distinct mindsets among the participants, one expressing a traditional journalistic mindset, the other embracing a more involved, vocal journalism. Yet both factors expressed strong support for many facets of traditional journalism and embraced an orientation towards the search for truth and the need for truthful reporting.

Newhouse student takes first place in Hearst Television Features Awards

Moriah Humiston
Moriah Humiston

Broadcast and digital journalism senior Moriah Humiston took first place in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program Television Features competition. Humiston will receive $3,000 and qualifies for the National Television Championship in May.

“I was so excited—and honestly overwhelmed— when I found out that I had won,” says Humiston. “It would not have been possible without the guidance of Professor Les Rose and Dean Lodato for the past few months. I feel incredibly lucky and honored that I am able to represent Newhouse and Syracuse University through this award.”

Broadcast and digital journalism senior Ghael Fobes placed seventh in the competition. Syracuse University is currently ranked first in the Intercollegiate Broadcast Competition with the highest accumulated student points from the first of three broadcast competitions.

Congratulations, winners!

Industry partnership allows Newhouse students to learn and work at a new, cutting-edge media campus

A professional partnership between the Newhouse School and Great Point Studios will support a unique learning and working experience for television, radio and film (TRF) students at a new, cutting-edge media enterprise.

Lionsgate Studios, located just outside New York City in Yonkers, is opening this month. The eight-acre campus includes set construction, production, post-production, equipment, props, catering, housing, screening rooms and storage, all connected.

Starting this semester, the Newhouse School will have access to up to 10,000 square feet of classroom space and to stages and equipment at the new center. The partnership will allow TRF students enrolled in the Newhouse NYC program to become fully immersed in a production experience through coursework and hands-on internships. Five TRF juniors and seniors make up the inaugural cohort.

The partnership was built in collaboration with alumnus Robert Halmi ’79, founder and chairman of Great Point Studios, which owns the media campus.

“Our program will enable students to work on real television projects in various capacities and get a true understanding of all aspects of film and television production,” Halmi says. “We hope this will make their career paths clearer and possibly open doors, which might ease the path from student to professional. We are delighted that Newhouse has signed on to this exciting new program. Helping prepare the next wave of filmmakers will give our media clients a new talent pool to choose from.”

“At the Newhouse School, we are always looking for ways to ensure that our students have access to front-line industry experiences,” says Newhouse dean Mark J. Lodato. “The immersive film environment at Lionsgate Studios is visionary, and will propel our film experience, particularly on the East Coast. Thanks to Robert Halmi and Great Point Studios, we are thrilled to be able to offer our film students the opportunity to learn and work at what will be one of the most cutting edge media enterprises in the country.“

Participating students will work at the complex three days a week, rotating through different divisions of the studio: operations, equipment, logistics, rights and clearances, props and technology. Students will receive a tutorial on each division and observe how they function as a part of the larger studio complex.  

Great Point Studios will also provide a minimum of four paid summer internships each year for students to work on productions by Lionsgate Films or Great Point Studios.

In addition to the internship, students will take TRF 400 Film & TV Production: Craft & Culture at the studio. The course will provide students with a thorough examination of the art, craft and culture of film and television production, offering a mix of theory and experiential learning through workshops, field trips and practical assignments. Areas of focus may include feature films, television shows, digital media, commercials or podcasts. Students will also rotate through the studio complex as on-set observers to watch the making of films and television series. As part of the course, students will develop and present in-depth case studies of a professional production project, based in part on observations from the set and interviews with professionals.  

Students will complete additional coursework at the Fisher Center through the Newhouse NYC program, and may also take courses online. In addition, the program will include a host of notable guest lecturers, screenings and events throughout the semester. A $1,000 stipend will cover the cost of travel from New York City to Yonkers.

Some assignments can wait

The moment I opened my acceptance email for Newhouse was surreal; I was lowering my expectations because of the school’s reputation while I waited for a decision to be made.

Pursuing an education overseas—more specifically, in the U.S.—was a goal of mine for a long time. I still cannot believe I made it happen and I’m writing this from Syracuse, New York where I’m completing my master’s in public diplomacy and global communications.

Moving to a whole different country, obtaining higher education and adjusting to a different environment are not easy tasks. However, I’m here to focus on the good sides, take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy every moment of it so I won’t have regrets later.

Here are some of the things I want to highlight that I understood from the perspective of being an international master’s student.

Campus life is full of opportunities

I never got to experience campus life as an undergrad. This huge campus which is home to over 20,000 students is astonishing for me. Wherever you go, you see lots of flyers of events and student organizations, job/internship ads and more. There are countless opportunities on campus, and sadly we have only a limited amount of time to spend wisely depending on priorities.

Everyone’s voice matters

Being in a community where your ideas and opinions are appreciated feels so cool to me. One of the program instructors said, “Always ask questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. There’s only a question not answered,” which I try to live by now. I love how every class and meeting includes, “Do you have any questions?” because it gives everyone an opportunity to fix any mistake or get any clarification on the subject at hand.

Focus on building networks, not grades

In my undergraduate school, I pretty much focused any extra attention to grades. It’s not a bad thing. I believe grades are proof of how dedicated you are, how hard you work, how serious you take classes and shows how responsible you are. In other words, it’s what you get in exchange for your hard work.

However, in graduate school, I would like to shift my focus to networking. I would like to make as many friends as I can while I’m here and create some memories. At the end of the day, that would be the most important takeaway from school, I hope.

I would say: If there’s a party you’re invited to, go. If there’s a cool event, don’t hesitate and go. If there’s some other fun activity, join the fun; that assignment can wait. We will always find a way or time to finish and get things done. However, some opportunities and moments will never return. So, I’m gonna say lots of yes to events and fun moments. Still gonna get done what needs to be done, though.

Coming from a developing country where diversity isn’t appreciated and accepted that much, my time here in Syracuse and in the U.S. is definitely a learning experience. Communicating with people of different backgrounds, opinions, perspectives and making friends with them is truly an eye-opening and amazing experience.

I had been to the US before in my junior year of undergrad for a short time, but this experience feels different and I’m much more exposed to the culture.

Looking so forward to the rest of the semester as well as adventures waiting for the spring semester and further!

Ichinkhorloo Khosbayar is a graduate student in the public diplomacy and global communications program at the Newhouse and Maxwell schools.

Newhouse announces Fall 2021 Dean’s List

The following undergraduate students enrolled in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications were among those named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2021 semester. To qualify for the Dean’s List for the Fall 2021 semester, students completed a minimum of 12 credit hours and earned at least a 3.5 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) during the semester.

Students: Please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office at with questions about your current Dean’s List status.

Aaronson, Samantha E

Abaya, Karen M

Abdo, Christian James

Abdulkadir, Asma

Abkemeier, Kathryn Virginia

Achkar, Marie Elizabeth

Adams, Christine Karr

Adams, Delaney

Adams, Megan

Adams, Neil David

Adele, Chilekasi C

Adelman, Mia Nicole

Adler, Talia

Aitken, Tyler John

Alcaras, Santino

Alessandrini, Sarah C

Alfano, Benjamin

Alibrandi, Payton

Allison, Olivia J

Aloia, George Anthony

Amron, Daniel Davidson

Anastasakis, Sophia Lina

Anderson, Margaret Ann

Andreychuk, Mullane Rose

Angier, Jennifer Sharon

Angioletti, Mia Elisabeth

Aponte, Nicole

Aprill, Megan Kathleen

Aragi, Victoria Rose

Aramboles, Nicole

Arifi, Fjolla

Arons, Lindsay Kate

Aryeh, Jake Eskandar

Augusterfer, Erin

Aulestia, Jade

Austin, Isabella Kazuko

Backman, Luke Carter

Bailey, Anthony Christopher

Bainbridge, Carter

Baird, Emily Jean

Baker, Ryan L

Baker, Thomas Gregory

Balaskas, Stella

Bambini, Cole A

Barbier Jr, David A

Barnard, Alexandra Hope

Baron, Sophie A

Barrist, Kenneth J

Barsh, Jack Israel

Bartelstein, Drew

Bartram, India Elizabeth

Bass, Natalie

Batra, Vir Subberwal

Battaglia, Alexandra Rose

Batten, Eleanor Jane

Baughan, Abigail Frances

Baylow, Samuel A

Beasley, Diana T

Beaubien, Alexandre Laurence

Beaudet, Nicole Elizabeth

Beck, Kayla June

Beck, Madelyn Georgetta

Becker, Adrienne Mary

Becker, Molly F

Becker, Sophia Faith

Beebower, Nicholas

Beers, Evan W

Behr, Michael D

Bekele, Isabel T

Bella, Gabriella M

Ben-Ami, Charles Phillip

Benjamin, Emily T

Bennett, London Alina

Benson, Scarlett S

Berenbaum, Mira L

Bergan, Sydney Angelina

Bergman, Emily Jo

Bernardini, Jacob Paul

Bernier, John Michael

Bey, Angelique

Bianchi, Marlana O

Bichkova, Yana

Bilger, Allison R

Birks, William Christopher

Birnbaum, Starla Rachel

Bishop, Jaylen Deion

Bisignani, Alex

Blackburn, Quinn Samuel

Blitzer, Carly Paige

Bock, Colin C

Bodner, Max

Borzymowski, Brooke Katherine

Boschetti, Allison

Bottini, Joseph A

Brachfeld, Madeline Jesse

Braha, Arbeas Luar

Brandt, Hannah Marie

Brendle, Dillon Ephraim

Brenner, Zachary Chase

Bright, Emily B

Brill, Ellie

Broccole, Anthony P

Broddus, Kendra Lynne

Broderick, Ashley L

Brooks, Lillian Valentine

Brown, Aidan M

Brown, Chelsea

Brown, Owen Daniel

Brunetto, Allison N

Brush, Bryan Robert

Buddenhagen, Katherine Delaney

Buerle, Christopher Eugene

Bullock, Jordan Russell

Burke, Aidan Joseph

Burke, Connor W

Burke, Luke T

Burns, Catherine Susan

Bushong, Gloria H

Butcher, Clark Thomas

Butler, Caroline R

Butow, Evan N

Buzzoni, Teresa Catherine

Byers, Jenna

Byrne, Taylor Lynn

Cadigan, Pearl Gerson

Caffey, Megan

Cahill, William Hovey

Calcara, Morgan Elizabeth

Cammarata, Olivia F

Campbell, Devin

Campos, Adam

Caputo, Jaclyn

Cardon, Lucy Claire

Cardone, Natalia

Carlson, Elizabeth Ann

Carlson, Iris Christine

Carlson, Madison Thomas

Carlson, Mallory

Carlton, Alexa Clare

Carniol, Katherine G

Carr, Marissa

Carrigan, Grace Ann

Carroll, Kelly Marie

Casey, Caroline M

Caster, Chesnie M

Ceccoli, Claire Lillian

Cefalo, Katherine B

Chae, Christin

Chairnoff, Benjamin Ross

Chalifoux, Michaela

Chambers, Dakota C

Chambers, Patrick Caden

Chang, Richard J

Chanin, Ethan Van Eyl

Chanphouang, Bounome

Chapin, Isaac Goodman

Charette, Elizabeth H

Chau, Brian Chun Ho

Chavez, Joane Marie Cajayon

Chen, Bowen

Chen, Ruoyue

Chen, Veronica

Chen, Yu Ju

Cherkasov, Alexei

Chernett, Emily Brooke

Chi, Muxin

Chiappone, Dominic C

Chicchi, Claire Elisabeth

Chilewich, Sydney Nicole

Chin, Jasmine

Chinsky, Jack Harrison

Chouinard, Kyle Samuel

Christensen, Olivia Grace

Christoforo, Calvin Warren

Chung, Jae Wan

Cicchiello, Christopher M

Ciluzzi, Sailor Verdes

Clark, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Clary, Landon Alexander

Clavin, Mia S

Clemens, Ashley E

Clemens, Dylan Patrick

Cloherty, Kyle J

Clyde, Rebecca I

Coen, William B

Cohen, Adam Jacob

Cohen, Reese Aaryn

Cohen, Sophia Hannah

Cohen, Thomas Benjamin

Cohn, Bari Lynne

Cohn, Joseph L

Comstock, Anna Margaret

Congel, Spencer James

Conner, Ryan G

Connolly, Fiona Margaret

Constantine, Margaret Grace

Cook, Tatiana Skyler

Cooney, Caroline Lindsay

Cooper, Megan

Corcoran, Samuel Cleveland

Corral, Isabella

Corrente, Gianna Marie

Corso, Ashley Elizabeth

Cortigiano, Cameron

Costa, Sofia Raquel

Council, Ava J

Coupal, Jason Taylor

Cox, Nicole E

Coyle, Oliver M

Cramer, Rachel Anne

Crane, Andrew Raymond

Crist, Leila Sage

Crowther, Stella B

Cui, Ruifeng

Cunningham, James

Curran, Justin Lehr

Curreri, Olivia Catherine

Currier, Samantha Mai

Cusick, Jack Stanley

Daetwiler, Natalie Choung

Dales, John

Daley, Erica A

Daley, Grace Anna

D’Ambrozio, Sophia

D’Angelo, Alessandra M

Danylchuk, Samantha Catherine

Darsch, Sophia Lovely

Datz, Lily Catherine

Davey, Katarina F

Davidoff, Eliana Brooke

Davies, Collin B

Davis, Chloe Brooke

Davis, Daniel J

Davis, Kelly Marie

Dawson, Tyler Latimer

De La Grana, Sofia Rayne

De Oliveira, Gabrielle Nicole

De Paolantonio, Andrew Ernest

De Young, Allison Y

Deangelis, Alex Steven

Deboer, Grace L

Debrot, Chelsea L

Decina, Kayley A

Decker, Caleb

Decker, Katelyn Rose

Deckers, Matthew James

Dee, Ryan Edward

Defrin, Brooke

Degen, Devon Catherine

Degennaro, Lauren Eileen

Deitrick, Benjamin David

Del Rey, Isabella Marie

Delapa, Lang A

Delello, Trevor

Delforte, Jacob Bern

Delisle, Caroline Brown

Della Pelle, Rachel

Dempsey, Sean Patrick

Deng Yuan, Jiaxing Natalia

Dengel, Alexander Griffin

Denney, Diana Lynn

Dennis, Wyatt Luke

Denton, Grace

Derdul, John Patrick

Deren, Hannah Mary

Desmarais-Harris, Jack

Destefano, Jennifer A

Devine, Marjorie Patrice

Diament, Kate I

Diaz, Valentina S

Dicesare, Julia Elizabeth

Dietz, Benjamin Kiva

Dilawri, Rayana Angeli

Dill, Cori Rachael

Dimova, Alevtyna

Dinerman, Samantha Brooke

Dinnhaupt Jr, Andrew Brock

Diserafino, Tessa Maria

DiTolla, Giana

Divestea, Michael Joseph

Doe, Olivia Catherine

Dolgin, Sarah Elissa

Dollar, Brianna

Donarski, James Dominic

Donio, Sophia Bella

Donovan, Connor Gerard

Doolittle, Madelyn L

D’Orsi, Charlotte Jean

Dorval, Sarah

Doule, Grace Michelle

Dowling, Jared C

Doyle, Roman Thomas

Dublin, Olivia

Duet, Olivia Claire

DuFine, Liv Maxine

Dugan, Kelly E

Dunne, Leah Katherine

Dupree, Samantha J

Dworken, Marissa Grace

Eads IV, John Trimble

Economides, Nicholas Lambros

Edsell, Jared F

Effman, Jake

Eichler, Benjamin

Eisman, Alexander Jacob

Eisner, Annie Blair

Elliot, Daisy Rebecca

Elliott, Luke Patrick

Elliott, Peter Arthur

Engelhardt-Apple, Isabella

Enriquez, Gabriella Reese

Epstein, Ilana Eden

Erazo, Destiny America

Eschenbrenner, Lauren Rose

Estella, Caroline Marie

Ezeir, Cameron Alexander

Fahmy, Abdelrahman Hazem

Fahrer, Casey

Fairfax, Matthew Keoni

Fajolu, Toluwanimi

Fang, Xuhong

Farrell, Lucy Davern

Feinstein, Ari Lucas

Feith, Jason

Fekete, Emma Grace

Feldstein, Joshua Evan

Fellows, Charles Norman

Fels, Brenna E

Feng, Ningnan

Fentress, Sierra

Fernandez Rosado, Silvino Antonio

Fernandez, Roshan

Fiegener, Ella Maeve

Findlay, William Ginn

Fink, Audrey N

Fiore, John William

Firrell, Patrick James Rogerson

Fischer, Amelia L

Fitzpatrick, Madeline G

Flinchbaugh, Amelia

Fling, Gabriella Michelle

Flood, Jack Patrick

Fobes Mora, Jesus G

Follett, Gillian I

Folts, Emma S

Foote, Linnea Grace

Forschino, Julia L

Fournell, Natalie Nicole

Fowler, Carson Teaque

Fowler, Mackenzie

Francesconi, Carly A

Frank, Ethan Gabriel

Frankina, Leila Isabella

Frazier, Anastasia Marie

French, Cameron Scott

French, Daniella S

Friebely, Jessica

Friedman, Lillian

Friedman, Peri I

Friend, Genevieve Pierson

Fritz, Abigail C

Fry, Michaela Anne

Fuller, Asha

Gadamowitz, John

Galati IV, Philip Joseph

Gales, Dyana Simone

Gama, Mariano

Gao, Siyuan

Garcia, Ethan M

Garg, Aviya

Garmoe, Sydney Rose

Garodia, Kunaal

Garrity, Adam Ryan

Garufi, Angelo Matteo

Gates, Hannah E

Gaudelli, Reese Nicole

Gay, Grace N

Gbabiri, Christiane

Gelb, Mia Lauren

Gelber, Elizabeth Ann

Gelman, Bryce Ethan

Gelsi, Maya Lynne

Genovese, Jonathan M

Genovese, Leana Marie

Gentle, Keighley Ashlen

George Jr, Michael C

Gerardi, Talia

Gershenson, Griffin J

Gershowitz, Julia

Getzug, Noa Frances

Ghantous, Olivia Mariam

Ghosh, Anish

Gibson, Lukas Jakob

Gilady, Jaymie

Ginder, Hayden

Ginelli, Anna Grace

Givens, Mia

Glasser, Zoe E

Glaubitz, Mackenzie

Glenn, Patricia S

Glowacki, Elizabeth Lauren

Glowacki, Justin

Glynn-Habron, Gabriel R

Gold, Emily

Gold, Sydney Eden

Goldberg, Alexandra

Goldberg, Charles

Goldberg, Emily Jaye

Goldberg, Jacob C

Goldberg, Rachel Danielle

Goldblatt, Elizabeth Muchin

Goldman, Dylan L

Goldman, Joshua S

Goldman, Sarah

Goldman, Zachary Harris

Goldsmith, Jack M

Goldstein, Spencer Ian

Golla, Caitlin Riley

Gomprecht, Sophia Jane

Gonnet, Simon

Gonzalez, Jack Peter

Goodman, Benjamin Frederick

Goodstadt, Katie Rose

Goodwin, Sarah Jean

Goore, Madeline T

Goose, Geoffrey William

Goralski, Kathryn Elizabeth

Gordon, Annabelle Eleanor

Gorham, Anne

Gorsky, Kylie Hope

Gosset, Gisele

Gould, Rose

Gourwitz, Jacob Ellington

Gray, Kara Allen

Grebler, Madison P

Green, Erin Cooper

Green, Sarah

Greenberg, Zoey Jane

Greene, Jordan A

Gregg, Alyssa Marie

Grenot, Jonathan Jersey

Grenz, Morgan Ashlee

Grindstaff, Jacob

Guido, Grace Giovanna

Gulley, Meghan Amelia

Gullingsrud, Phoebe E

Guo, Yaoxinyu

Guo, Zuoyi

Gurkan, Mina Ferren

Gutfleisch, Noah Adam

Gutierrez, Nicholas Tyler

Guzda, Gabrielle Elizabeth

Guzman, Shantel

Hackel, Ashley Jordana

Hageman, Kathryn Elizabeth

Hall, Aaron

Hall, Griffin Thomas

Halperin, Samantha Anne

Hamilton, Elwood William

Hanan, Connor Daniel

Hananel, Owen David

Hanley, Carlin Michelle

Hanuscin, Ava Anne

Harby, Emma Rose

Harken, Gretchen Lydia

Harrigan, Molly E

Harris, Claire Anne

Harrison, Gabrielle Sue

Harrison, Layla F

Hart, Elizabeth A

Hartwyk, Greta

Harvey, Tess

Hashemi, George Beauchamp

Hassan, Matthew R

Hathaway, Elizabeth D

Haugen, Catherine Mae

Hauptman, Kristin Rae

Havens, Andrew Michael

Havens, David John

Hayes, Aidan R

Hayes, Paige M

He, Yuke

Hegde, Anya Uday

Heiselman, Amaya Mei

Heldt, Katharine Eva

Hellman, Libby

Helmer, Ava Louise Finkle

Henderson, Kyle Joseph

Hendry, Kathryn Grace

Henn, Erik

Hentschel, William R

Herb, Brooks Andrew

Herlihy, Kiley Elizabeth

Herman, Jesse Grey

Herrera, Cristina Marie

Hicks, Margaret Elizabeth

Hid Arida Suarez, Vincenzo

Hidalgogarcia, Valerye Elieth

Higaki, Dianna K

Hill, Anna E

Hill, Katie Abigail

Hillebrecht, Lindsey Grace

Himel, Sidney Olivia

Hinz, Mia E

Hippensteel, Christopher John

Hirsch, Brooke Lynn

Hober, Thomas John

Hochberg, Louise Rose

Hodge, Alexandra

Hogan, Tanner Jacob

Holland, Samuel Palmer

Hollenbeck, Ilyssa Christine

Holmberg, Annika Catharina

Holt, Porter

Holzer, Jackson P

Hong, Isabelle

Hopper, Karly Jo

Hornstein, Anne Grace

Horwitz, Alyssa Caroline

Howell, Zachary Michael

Hu, Jiaxin

Hu, Xiaoman

Huang, Taylor

Huang, Xinyue

Huang, Yixin

Hudnell, Bryan Anthony

Hudson, Catherine Constance

Hudson, Edward John

Huffman, Olivia Nicole

Hughes II, Kevin Delano

Hughes, Katelyn Rose

Humiston, Moriah Ann

Hunt, Aine M

Hunt, Madeline

Hurley, Casey

Hurt-Bey, Nikkia Asia

Hutson, Faith J

Hymes, Kendall Simone

Iannella, Lilli Ann

Ide, Rowan E

Inagawa, Yui S

Irland, Molly G

Iroanya, Celeste

Isgrig, Miles Andrew

Isler, Jacob Seth

Izurieta, Melanie J

Jack, William

Jackson, Olivia Anna

Jacobs, Allison Joely

Jacobs, Erin Isabel

Jacovitz, Samuel Williams

Jaffe, Idan Bennett

Jalloh, Mariama

Jaramillo, Caleb

Jayne, Laura Noelle

Jensen, Matthew R

Ji, Linqin

Jiang, Xincong

Jiang, Yifei

Jiao, Yang

Jiao, Yilei

Jin, Xiaoyu

Jing, Huiyi

John, Amaya Isabel

John, Makenna

Johnson, Colleen M

Johnson, Danielle Christine

Johnson, Emma Diane

Jones, Abigail Marie

Jones, Caleb Tavish

Jones, Joshua

Jones, Spencer Michael

Juliano, Mia Lauren

Juzang, Lauren Thi

Kaden, Christina Noelle

Kahen, Julia Sarah

Kahn, Alexa Nicole

Kaiser, Sophie Abigail

Kalinowski, Timothy J

Kane, Megan Erin

Kang, Priscilla

Kanter, Rachel Sophie

Kaplan, Brett Zoe

Kapoor, Khyal

Karamchandani, Githikka Manish

Karlin, Alexis

Karp, Emily

Katz, Zachary M

Katzman, Hannah Jane

Katzman, Samuel David

Kavakeb, Jolie Miriam

Kavanagh, Kathleen M

Kaye, Jacob Aaron

Kc, Sneha

Keane, Katherine Rose

Keevins, Marykate Dinara

Kehoe, Patrick Michael

Keith, Madeline D

Kelleher, Maggie Ruth

Kelley, Iseabail Alice

Kelley, Kathryn

Kelly, Henry

Kelly, Rachel Shawn

Kennedy, Brianna Ashley

Keough, Cole McNeil

Kepnes, Gabrielle C

Kern, Rachel Emily

Kersten, Cecelia Hope

Kherani, Sadiya Fiona

Kho, Charlotte

Khoshnoud, Kiana Claire

Kienzle, Olivia Anne

Kilman, Samantha

Kim, April

Kim, Grace Suehyun

Kim, Martin Yoonsu

King, Alexandra N

King, Dylan R

Kinney, Trevor David

Kiper, Madison Helene

Kirchner, Laura Rita

Kirkpatrick, Shannon Elizabeth

Kirschner, Sara

Kiselev, Elizabeth

Kitchell, Thomas

Kjellberg, Katherine Elizabeth

Klaff, Catherine A

Klein, Bradley

Klein, Emily Madison

Knigin, Aaron Mitchell

Koenigsberg, Eliana Rae

Kofsky, Zoe Madison

Kohs, Sophia Gabrielle

Kolin, Yale Marcus

Koller, Lillian M

Kooker, Livia A

Kornberg, Isabella J

Kostinden, Dasia Alexa

Koziara, Joseph Elliott

Kraker, Micaela H

Kramer, Madeleine R

Kraynak, Amanda Claire

Kretschmer, Bailey Rose

Krimsky, Harrison Bennett

Kroin, Alexa R

Krukin, Evan James

Kull, Charlotte Mary

Kurkjy, Teresa Elizabeth

Kuruvilla, Laura Graham

Kushner, Hannah L

Kylander, Matthew McCandless

Laborde, Ava Josephine-Simone

Ladwig, Taylor Lauren

LaFiandra, Nicole Paige

Lakin, Shayna Naomi

Lamalfa, Alexa Marie

Lamb, Austin Carter

Lamonaca, Paul Angelo

Lan, Rebecca Elizabeth

Lanfrank, Gianna Sophia

Lange, Casey Rose

Lank, Tessa Alexandra

Lariviere, Mateo Real Rodriguez

Laros, Jacob David

Lathrop, Barrett Allen

Lattuca, Douglas S

Latvis, Matthew Paul

Lawless, Hailey Morgan

Lawrence, Molly Powers

Le, Linh Bui Khanh

Leach, Ryan Carl

Leavenworth Bakali, Rayhan

Leavy, Jaynie Kaye

Lebowitz, Samuel Avi

Lechtman, Zoe Sarah

Lecusay, Terese A

Ledbetter, Audrey C

Lee, Jasmine N

Lee, Ji Mean

Lee, Joshua Joo Young

Lee, Sangwoo

Lee, Sarah

Leepson, Daisy Grace

Lefebvre, Margaret Elizabeth

Lefkowitz, Alexis Hannah

Lefkowitz, Ilana Blake

Legaard, Erica D

Lehr, Emma Elizabeth

Lenane, Jacqueline Rose

Leonard, Jordan Matthew

Lesser, Eli Ferrel

Lesserson, Jeremy Tyler

Leuzze, Annabella Marie

Leveille, Jillian Paige

Leveille, Jordan Taylor

Leventhal, Ava F

Leveroni, Dylan Thomas

Levey, Justin

Levin, Anne Alyse

Levin, Jennifer A

Levine, Paul J

Levy, Alexander Ethan

Lewis, Adam

Leyne, Michael James

Li, Wei

Li, Xinning

Li, Zexuan

Liakas, Emma Diane

Liberman, Brianna Nicole

Lieberman, Olivia

Lin, Junao

Lin, Wanling

Lincoln, Charles Finney

Lincoln, Makena Keala

Lindell, Samantha G

Lindstrom, Molly Raegan

Lissuzzo, Paul Anthony

Liu, Weiwei

Lobel, Alexandra

Lockitt, Philip William

Lockwood, Maya Soo Min

Look, Caroline Russell

Lopez, Enrique Elias

Lopez, Estheralice

Lopez, Sebastian

Loughran, Kyle Francis

Lourie, Noah

Luangaphay, Vanessa Lisa

Lucina, Sophia Grace

Luo, Wanmeng

Lupton, Alejandra M

Luther, Lauren Richelle

Luttrell, Nicklaus Adrian

Ly, Hannah Miao-Bian

Lynch, Sophie

Lyons, William F

Ma, Binhao

Ma, Liqi

Maciejewski, Sophia

Macmaster, Nicole

Maddren, Luke

Madigan, Brooke

Madigan, Emma Christine

Madover, Isabel Abby

Madyun, Inaya Jala

Magdaleno, Carlos J

Maier, Morgan Elisabeth

Maiorella, Arthur

Maj, Richard Akira

Majumder, Arabdho

Makleff, Keren Miriam

Malanoski, Alex Richard

Mallea, Daniel L

Mallon, Margaret Jane

Manczko, Madison Claire

Mandel, Lucy Gwen

Manenti, Chloe Elizabeth

Maniece, Mykenna A

Markham, John Wesley

Marshall, Morgan Taylor

Mastropieri, Marisa

Matsui, Laurel

Matties, Sophia L

Mauro, Sabrina Rose

Mavis, Lilly Merrick

Maxey, Zoe Keene

May, Jaron Pierce

Mayk, Erin Elizabeth

Mazer, Jason Daniel

Mazzer, Julia Lynn

Mazzucchelli, Tess Enright

McArdle, Jenna L

Mccaffery, Adam

McCann, Margaret Louise

McClure, Heather Grace

McClymonds, Nathan R

McConnell, Grace A

McConnell, James M

Mccormick, Grace Elizabeth

McCullough, Kelia G

McDonald, Derek Edward

McEvoy, Julia

McGrain, Sydney

Mcgraw, Jacob

McHugh, Kathryn Geraldine

Mcilhargey, Morgaine Elena Azama

McKeon, Cameron B

Mckeon, Wallace Kirby

McMullen, Thomas S

Mcneill, Emily Catherine

Mcpolin, Colleen Rose

Meara, Isabel Naomi

Meert, Caroline C

Mehta, Jahnavi Mangilal

Meir, Samantha Nicole

Melito, Tyler Philip

Mendelson, Ruby Paige

Menk, Lily A

Menon, Arjun

Menon, Shriya Vinod

Merrill, Claire O’Sullivan

Messina, Samantha

Messineo-Witt, Lucille Grace

Meyers, Josh

Meyerson, Zachary M

Michell, Brooke

Michelson, Emma Aran

Micho, Aidan Paul

Micho, Ryan Joseph

Miele, Alexandra Lee

Milber, Juliette S

Millard, Brian Casacci

Miller, Brittany

Miller, Samantha R

Miller, Timothy

Miller, Zachary Ethan

Mimaroglu, Maxwell Lyle

Minion, Zachary Seth

Mintz, Brandon E

Mintz, Tamara M

Mitchell, Ethan J

Mitchell, Kimberly

Mlynarczyk, Zuzanna

Modin, Carolyn Ruth

Moffitt, Kristin Hope

Mohan, Ruchir

Mohindra, Ishaan Dev

Molinari, Lara S

Moore, Brandon Scott

Moore, Brigid Eileen

Moore, Sam Michael

Moore, Sarina

Moore, Sophia Nina

Moran, Caitriona L

Morris, Emma S

Morris, Jacob

Morrow, Colin John

Moskowitz, Sloane I

Mosso, Erika

Mu, Qian

Muldoon, Connor M

Muldoon, Hannah Rosalie

Mullan, Lily Rose

Mulligan, Ella June

Munch, Robert Thomas

Murhamer, Mona Nicole

Murphy, Colin Andrew

Murphy, Terence Cullen

Murray, Kathleen Barbara

Murray, Michelle Joanna

Mussalli, Gabrielle Louise

Mussman, Samantha N

Myers, Amber

Myers, Athena Hastings

Myers, Ryan Ericson

Na, Joohee

Nappi, Norah Marguerite

Naqi, Bushra

Nash, Mark

Nayrouz, Yasmin

Nehrings, Julia Rose

Neidell, Sydney A

Nelson, Reece J

Nelson, Ryan Thomas

Nemirovsky, Zachary Jonathan

Newhill-Leahy, Evangeline Khanh

Newirth, Isabella Marie

Newman, Emilie Rice

Newman, William Theodore

Nice, Caleb F

Nido, Maria Isabel Roldan

Nieves, Miguel

Nocket, Kylie Cecilia

Nolan, Gannon Cooper

Nordberg, Ella Caroline Patrice

Noyes, Emily Grace

Nunley, Sarah

Nusbaum, Jasper North

Nydam, Daphne Lang

O Neill, Tyler M

O’Brien, Erin M

O’Brien, Maeve Feerick

O’Connor, James Thomas

O’Donnell, Amanda Grace

O’Donnell, James P

Ohlin, Samantha Belle

Olayinka, Olamide

O’Leary, Kelsey Reed

Olofsson, Agnes Barbro Ruth

Olsen, McKenzie

Olson, Andrew

Olson, Clara Dorothy Gienapp

Olson, Isabel Paige

Olson, Zachary Isaac

Oluyede, Oluwatoyin A

O’Malley, Fiona Marie

O’Melvin, Eva C

Onderdonk, Max Lee

Orgeron, Maximilian

Orlando, Jeanette Pauline

Osso, Lena Marie

Ostrowski, Michael Edward

O’Toole, Hannah M

Ouyang, Jiajun

Paden, Matthew Grant

Page, Kamryn Grace

Pampeyan, James

Pantorilla, Alysah K

Panzer, Sydney C

Paperny, Julia Michelle

Papillion, Brooke

Papin, Kiana

Pappas, Sophia A

Paradis, Emily Jane

Parker, Calvin D

Patrone, Beckler Adams

Patterson, Bridgit

Paule, Amanda Marie

Paz, Ella L

Pearl, Meredith B

Peck, Liliana M

Peiffer, Ryan D

Peng, Alexis

Penman, Camille Elizabeth

Penmetsa, Neha

Pennington, Siena Maria

Perez Davila, Karla Sofia

Perez Lugo, Bianca S.

Perik, John Beretta

Perry, Megan

Peterkins, Julia Kay

Petrosky, Jared Joseph

Pfeifer, Mya Noelle

Philipkosky, Michael Daniel

Photos, Bond Demetri

Piatko, Grace Elizabeth

Pierce, Spencer William Lee

Pierro, Allison Jayne

Pignatello, Connor

Pimentel, Kathryn P

Pineda, Bianca M

Pines, Liv Annabelle

Pires, Laura

Pitti, Lauren

Piwko, Margaret Elizabeth

Podbere, Callie H

Podd, Rebecca Marie

Poeta, Ava

Pohancsek, Rylee D

Poirier, Julianna Rae

Polidora, Alexandra

Ponquinette, Sasha

Porter, Vivian E

Portnoy, Lucas

Posnock, Hailee Faith

Pow, Maya Alexandra

Powar, Nicholas

Powell, Chloe Elizabeth

Pramod, Arshia

Provvisionato, Julia Nicole

Prybil, Ryan Spencer

Pryor, Julia Elise

Puccio, Joseph

Pullano, Nicole Danielle

Putman, Noa Jessica

Pye, Sofia Saijo

Qi, Haonan

Qin, Tengzhen

Quarles, Eleanor S

Queripel, Christopher P

Quinones, Esteban D

Quinones-Rios, Maria Fernanda

Quintanilla, Kristin Faith

Quinteros, Idalia Carolina

Radis, Victoria Jane

Ramos Francia Ylizaliturri, Maria Fernanda

Ramza, John Joseph

Rappoport, Sarah

Rath, Louise C

Reardon, Elizabeth G

Reddish, Kathryn Nicole

Redfield III, Daniel Wood

Reed, Braden Thomas

Reed, Grace Elizabeth

Reedy, Julia Michaela

Reese, Evan J

Reilly, Christopher D

Rein, Orli

Reinhard, Bridget Eileen

Reinkraut, Olivia M

Remoll, Alexander Vincent

Resnick, Hannah Grace

Rice, Catherine Connor

Richards, Rachel

Richardson, Brittany Starr

Richter, Sydney

Richter, Zachary Louis

Riddoch, Olivia Cote

Rieder, Nolan James

Rivera, Ariana Isabel

Robbins, Nicholas Robert

Robinson, Lacey Irene

Rockoff, Ellie Rachel

Rodrigues, Jace S

Rodriguez, Jillian

Rodriguez, Mia K

Rodriguez, Nina

Rogoff, Noah

Roitburg, Ava S

Roldan-Vasco, Mateo

Romero, Skylar

Rood, Brett Matthias

Rosales, Alejandro

Rose, Timothy David

Rosenberg, Matthew Evan

Rosenberg-Rappin, Elliot

Rosenthal, Amanda Nicole

Rosenthal, Sydney E

Rosenzweig, Emma Casey

Rosenzweig, Kyra Lauren

Rowland, Jared W

Rozman, Alexandra Simone

Rub, Lauren

Rubenfeld, Seth Ryan

Rubin, Jack Harrison

Rubin, Jessica Lynn

Ruggiero, Anthony Paul

Ruggiero, Chiara Noelle

Russo, Sarah Anne

Ryberg Gonzalez, Alexandra Sofia

Ryu, Isaac Hae Song

Saad, Emily S

Saccomano, Joseph A

Sacko, Aicha

Safaya, Alexander Labroo

Salerno Jr, Matthew Paul

Salewycz, Anna Alexandra

Saley, Alexa Carol

Salim, Suleiman Murjan

Sampathkumar, Sahitya

Sandberg, Mara Viola

Sanok, Bridgette Campbell

Santana, April

Sartori, Gabrielle T

Sassi Verzegnassi, Laura

Sassoon, Julia H

Savio, Nina Helena

Schade, Brian Jonah

Schafer, Zoe Anna

Scherger, Allison P

Schickler, Melanie Brooke

Schiff, Tyler Roscoe

Schildhaus, Avery

Schiller, Benjamin

Schlosser, Sophie Yetta

Schmidt, Jenna Rose

Schneider, Alexandra

Schneider, Joshua Reuben

Schneider, Samuel B

Schnell, Kylie Lynn

Schreiber, Kerilyn

Schroeder, Sydney Maxine

Schultz, Jillian L

Schuster, Allison

Schwartz, Jason L

Schwartz, Nell

Schwenderman, Julia A

Scibetta, Jacqueline Sarah

Seah, Lynn Yan Lin

Seal, Jana Lorraine

Seaman, Blair N

Segaloff, Anne Crandall

Selover, Andrew Morrissey

Sennett, Tucker Lawrence

Sessa, Michael

Severance-Sulimma, Emma Louise

Shapiro, Ashley L

Shaw, Thomas Joseph

Shay, Nolan Christopher

Shea, Charlotte Rosalind

Shea, William Benjamin

Shealy, Camran L

Shechter, Jenna A

Sheedy, Cara Anne

Sheiner, Sophia Rose

Shephard, Aidan Arthur

Sherer, Alana R

Shetty, Gaurav

Shevlin, Jane

Shive, Lily Margaret

Short, Julia Christina

Shovlin, Miranda Lynn

Shrem, Alexis Anna

Shreve, Amina Kaye

Shuldman, Avery Hayley

Siambekos, Alexandra Kendle

Side, Deniz

Siegal, Jillian R

Siegel, Emma Rose

Siegel, Sabrina Nicole

Sienko, Owen A

Silbergeld, Lily Catharine

Silva, Connor M

Silver, Abby Ellis

Silverman, Dorothy Lauren

Silverman, Michael Leo

Silverstein, Kathleen Marie

Simasek, Charles W

Simental, Heidi

Simmons, Neil-Walker

Simmons, Sophie

Simmons, Thomas Clayton

Simon, Emily Jane

Simon, Isabella Rose

Simon, Megan A

Simone, Francesco

Singh, Samiddha

Sirey, Charles Christopher

Sirtori, Paulina Lillian

Sivaroshan, Ruthvik

Sklar, Stephen Alan

Sklarin, Joshua Neil

Skolnick, Jake William

Sloop, Nicolas M

Slovinsky, Danielle Brooke

Smarz, Chloe Ann

Smith, Amanda M

Smith, Casey Payton

Smith, Catherine Grace

Smith, Charlotte Wise

Smith, Connor Graham

Smith, Kent Joseph

Sokoloski, Nicholas James

Solomon, Marissa

Sonkin, Natalie Rose

Soropoulos, Jamie Nicole

Sosa, Milena Sofia

Soto-Flecha, Alana Paola

Spector, Benjamin Eli

Spellacy, Peyton A

Sperling, Adam J

Spiezia, Lauren

Spina, Christopher A

Spina, Noah Vincent

Spiro, Alana Jade

Springmann, Jackson Thomas

Srivastava, Rhea

Srulevich, Jonah

Stanton, Ellis

Staples, Mia

Stathakis, Kathryn Elizabeth

Steinberg, Charlotte Zoe

Stelk, Madeline Barbara

Stephens, Ryan Michael

Stephenson, Duncan

Stephenson, Elizabeth

Stepter, Olivia

Sterling, Danielle Ryann

Stern, Chelsea B

Stern, Jessica

Stetter, Matthew David

Stevenson, Caroline Jean

Steves, Cara Grace

Stott, Marin Joy

Stover, Lucy Clare

Stratton, Eden R

Streett Apicella, Ruby Lou

Striar, Charlotte Isabelle

Strol, Lucinda Clare

Strong, Cole R

Suh, Yuri

Suhr, Jennifer Anne

Sulc, Sierra

Surgent, Kyra Louise

Svetlova, Anastasia

Swaab, Olivia

Swart, Skylar A

Swartz, Aaron Louis

Swientek, Annika Grace

Swittenberg, Reese Minus

Sywulak, Anya Y

Tacher, Sydney Gabrielle

Takac, Skylar Marsh

Taliento, Alexis

Tan, Xingyu

Tanaka, Jyonosuke Vincent

Tang, Mingjun

Tartaglione, Anthony Joseph

Tasolides, Sofia Zoe

Taszarek, Elizabeth F

Taylor, Nicholas Matthew

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Taylor, Samantha

Templeton, Grace Morgan

Teolis, Benjamin Scott

Terzaghi, Anna

Terzi, Maya Ezgi

Testani, Nicholas Thomas

Tetteh, Christin-Delaine G

Teuscher, Susan

Thomas-Black, Kayla Surrai

Thompson, Olivia Ruth

Thorpe, William Pendleton

Tilmont, Peter Andrew

Tindall, Owen Harper

Tomaiuolo, Max Johnmattio

Toporoff-Richman, Logan Michelle

Tow, Daniel Adam

Towns, Owen Michael

Townsend, Megan Lynne

Traver, Athena K

Tremblay, Hailey Austin

Trotter, Dylan James

Tsimmer, Maya

Tsunoda, Remi

Tubman, Lily Margaret

Tucker, Morgan C

Tumino, Olivia Marie

Turboff, Cameron S

Tyrrell, Meaghan Dorothy

Unsworth, Ian Richard

Urban, Ashley Elizabeth

Valcourt, Olivia Claire

Valente, Gianna

Valentine, Annabella Michaela

Van Dusen, Megan

Vanderberg, John Henry

Vanderpool, Cailynn Rose

Vardi, Sophie K

Varvis, Michaela Rene

Vasquez, Anthony Salvador

Vasudevan, Anish S

Vecera, Mattea Kathleen

Vega, Abigail F

Vega, Heaven L

Velli, Jackson Henry

Verdicchio, Mason Pasquale

Vigliotti, Andrea Lynn

Vinh, Christopher Quy-Nam

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Voler, Kathryn Vera

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Vuono, Alexandra Anne

Wachtfogel, Ashley Morgan

Wagner, Julia Paige

Walker, Ireland Jade

Walker, Kate Erin

Walsh, Matthew Patrick

Walsh, Michaela Erin

Wan, Linxin

Wang, Biying

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Wang, Mengyao

Wang, Runfeng

Wang, Tao

Wang, Yanliu

Wang, Yihan

Wang, You

Wang, Yueru

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Warren, Samuel Avery

Way, Kevin George

Weber, Abigail Joanne

Weeks, Olivia C

Wehrle, Daniel Edward

Weinberg, Noah Benjamin

Weintraub, Cole Victor

Weintraub, Jonah Samuel

Weisburd, Audrey Valentine

Weisleder, Zachary T

Weiss, Alexander Mark

Weiss, Aylee Elfant

Weiss, Noah A

Weitzen, Isabella Fredie

Welbaum, Whitney Flora

Welker, Martha Grace

Wells, Jack

Wenig, Charlotte Gillian

Wenskoski, Ashley Rose

Werbinski, Camryn M

Werfel, Jessica Lynn

Westwater, Cecelia Jane

Westwood, Peyton Anabelle

White, John G

Wieland, Megan J

Wiertel, Lauren

Wight, Reid Thomas

Wilk, Brett Michael

Wilkes III, Frederick Brennisen

Wilkes, Fredaye Milan

Williams, Lily Kathryn

Wilson, Elizabeth Gray

Wilson, Whitney Elizabeth

Winiarski, Andrew Tyler

Winters, Sophie F

Wojtowicz, John Alfred

Wolk, Samantha Ryan

Womer, Hailey E

Wong, Britney

Wong, Myra Christela

Wood, Daniel James

Wood, Morgan

Woods, Nacy Kathleen

Woods, Paris

Wright, Stephanie Palmer

Wu, Sixuan

Wu, Xiaoyu

Wu, Yidi

Wu, Yuxuan

Wyant, Caroline Grace

Xiao, Shuyun

Xiong, Meiling

Xu, Haozhe

Xu, Yahan

Yale, Kora Elizabeth

Yoo, Hyejun

Yousem, Jacob Williams

Zabbia, Jessica Vnuk

Zabretsky, Kyra Elizabeth

Zaccagnino, Sierra Lauren

Zahedi, Leila Grace

Zaintz, Samantha Blair

Zegers, Izabella

Zetlin, Lev D

Zgodny, Sydney R

Zhai, Jiran

Zhang, Han

Zhang, Jingyue

Zhang, Jonathan

Zhang, Shuchen

Zhao, Ke

Zhao, Ningxin

Zhao, Qianqian

Zheng, Winnie

Zheng, Yuxi

Zhou, Chenlu

Zhou, Yanglongshuang

Zhou, Yi

Zhu, Chenxiang

Zhu, Wanting

Zhu, Yani

Zoller, Claire Louise

Zuzenak, Aidan Ross

The power of the internship

Newhouse students are encouraged to do at least one internship during their undergraduate studies. Richard Chang ’21 did five.

Richard Chang '21
Richard Chang ’21

Richard Chang ’21 didn’t intend to apply to Syracuse University, let alone attend the school.

“I went to AMSA, the Advanced Math and Science Academy, which is a public school in [Marlborough, Massachusetts],” Chang says. “I was one of the only people from my high school who went into a non-STEM field.”

But working on a story about opioid addiction for his high school newspaper was a transformative experience for Chang, and it made him decide to strike off in a different direction: journalism.

For the story, Chang interviewed someone who had personal experience with opioid addiction.

“He was willing to tell me his whole story about his entire life. And it was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I love being able to talk to people and find out a little bit more about life, through writing and reporting and telling these stories.”

He applied to Newhouse at the last minute, without ever visiting campus, and was accepted to the newspaper and online journalism program, where he found a mentor in associate professor Roy Gutterman.

“I met Professor Gutterman at an orientation event,” Chang says. “He took me under his wing and helped guide me throughout my time at Newhouse as my adviser. He looked over my résumé a hundred times. He’s done everything he could to mentor me and prepare me for the professional world.”

In his role as mentor, Gutterman helped Chang get his very first internship the summer after his first year, writing about business and the arts for the MetroWest Daily News in Boston.

“It was a lot of fun advising him through internships,” Gutterman says. “Being able to connect with a student like Richard and follow his development as a serious journalist really speaks to the special connection we have with our students here.”

During the school year, Chang worked at The Daily Orange, starting as a contributing writer. The summer after his sophomore year, he took his next internship, this time as a paid Newhouse-LinkedIn Editorial Fellow.

“I worked mainly on the special projects desk, which was a lot of data journalism stuff,” Chang says. “I gained a lot of skills with digital journalism, working for what is essentially a social media network, and getting an idea of how news works through social media.”

In the fall of 2020, Chang became digital managing editor at The Daily Orange, running the newspaper remotely during a semester defined by pandemic and uncertainty. That spring, while participating in the Newhouse NYC program, Chang took on his third internship, this time covering politics for CNN. There, he was also able to utilize the data visualization skills he had learned at LinkedIn.

“I got to do a lot with data spreadsheets and [made] data visuals for stories,” Chang says. “They had me join the KFILE investigative team under [senior editor] Andrew Kaczynski. I learned a lot about investigative journalism through working on that team.”

Not one to take a break, Chang then rolled into his fourth internship at Forbes, where he worked on the annual college rankings list. The paid position was supported by Newhouse’s partnership with Forbes.

“I worked a lot with the methodology,” Chang says, noting that he helped decide which factors contributed to the rankings. “Alongside working to produce that list, I was also writing my own articles on higher education, especially how law plays into higher ed.”

During the fall of 2021, Chang was busy preparing to graduate early, in December. “I knew I would save some money and I could enter the workforce a little bit earlier than most of my peers.”

Just before he graduated, Chang earned his fifth internship offer from Forbes, where he will be working on the wealth desk in New York this spring. “I’ll be able to focus on sectors I’m interested in, like politics and health care. I’m excited for that. I think it’ll be a good internship.”

“It is such an honor to be asked to stay on at an internship,” says Newhouse NYC director Cheryl Brody Franklin. “When hiring managers see that on your resume, they know that you were a true asset to the team, and it’s a powerful example of why someone should hire you.”

As for Chang, he’s got a clear idea of where he wants to go next. “I would probably be happy anywhere covering politics, no matter what type of policy, whether it’s national or state and local politics.”

National Screenwriters Day: Best screenwriting advice

Jan. 5 is National Screenwriters Day. In celebration, we asked some of our screenwriting professors and alumni for the best screenwriting advice they’d ever received.

Susan Sojourna-Collier

Assistant Professor

“‘All first drafts are trash. The revision process transforms the trash into treasure!’ Another one: ‘If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage.'”

Ben Frahm

Assistant Teaching Professor

“‘Write what you are curious about.’ Write the movie that you would want to see. And ‘Discover the note, under the note;’ most execs don’t quite understand enough about story to actually use the right language to communicate what’s wrong. So the writer must decipher.” 

Keith Giglio

Associate Professor

“Writers who argue live in small houses. I learned from my mentor how to navigate development hell and not argue about the note.  Do the note as you see it and make execs think it was their idea.”

Evan Smith


“‘You have to be willing to kill your babies.’ You might love a character, a scene, a bit, or some line of dialogue that’s just so clever, but if it doesn’t fit in the story, it’s gotta go. Kill it, have another baby.

Also, it’s not just ‘Why do this story?’, it’s ‘Why do this story now?’

Also, ‘Screenwriting’s a team sport.’ You can’t be precious with your material; you’re either on the team or unemployed.”

Michael Weber

Michael Weber ’00

Academy Award nominated screenwriter

“Here’s the best screenwriting advice I’ve ever received:
‘Outline. Outline. Outline.’ —Television, radio and film professor Evan Smith.”

Concepcion co-authors paper on hybrid and online learning environments

RC Concepcion, digital post-production specialist in visual communications, co-authored the paper, “Thriving in ‘The New Normal:’ Student-Centered Practices, Design, and Tools of Hybrid and Online Learning Environments” with Christopher J. McCollough, Jamie Ward and Adrienne A. Wallace. The paper was published in the Journal of Public Relations Education.


Online learning became our new normal over two weeks in Spring 2020 and remains a critical component for instruction at many institutions as the process of vaccination and return to campuses continues. The rapid shift brought technological integration, pedagogical shifts, and evolution in assessment. This left many educators and students overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused in the process. Originally presented in a panel as part of the 2021 AEJMC Public Relations Division’s Virtual Conference, this team of educators in public relations and media production offer insights on online instructional design and share tools and resources valuable to public relations education used during the pandemic response, with applications beyond the pandemic. In addition to providing a review of several tools, this article will share perspective on managing diverse learning styles, content delivery for diverse platforms, ensuring accessibility for all learners, class engagement, and assessment, while providing some personal reflection on their experiences in offering traditional public relations offerings during the pandemic.

Copyright Law: The issues to watch for in 2022

Jan. 1 was National Copyright Law Day. In celebration of a law that works to protect intellectual property, we asked a few of the Newhouse School’s communications law experts to answer the following question:

What are the new/emerging issues facing copyright law?

Nina Iacono Brown

Associate Professor

Did Andy Warhol infringe copyright?

“One of the key copyright issues to watch in 2022 is whether the Supreme Court will agree to hear a case involving an iconic Andy Warhol work featuring the artist Prince. In creating the art, Warhol relied on a photograph of Prince—and the photographer claims this was infringement. The key question in the case is whether Warhol’s use of the photo was transformative—which would bolster the Warhol Foundation’s claim that this is a fair use. A surprising ruling from the Court of Appeals has created uncertainty in this space, hopefully the Supreme Court will provide some clarity.”

Roy Gutterman


Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Copyright law and new technologies

“Over the years, we have seen copyright protection extend to new technologies and new challenges. It is fascinating to think that the constitutional underpinnings for copyright protection from 1789 have empowered congress to afford protections to inventors and creators. Could the framers of the constitution envision that the same laws extending copyright protection to books, maps and charts two centuries later would encompass movies, computer codes and digital streaming? Maybe, maybe not. But they gave future generations the tools to encourage and protect creativity. Looking forward, it might not be possible to predict the next technological leaps, but we can acknowledge that those next developments would not come to fruition without laws like the Copyright Act that give creators protections to capitalize on their creations.”

Chrissy Maron


The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

“While not a new technology, the popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. With that added attention comes the increased risk for those NFTs to be duplicated or manipulated. Rights holders themselves are responsible for enforcing their copyright and it remains to be seen if owners of NFTs will be able to employ more traditional methods of monitoring use or if they will need to use more rigorous procedures to prevent counterfeit copies from hitting the market. Something to keep an eye on in 2022, and beyond!”

Kyla Garrett Wagner

Assistant Professor

New additions to the public domain

“As I think about the start of a new year and copyright issues “to watch” I immediately think about what works will move to the public domain —works that are no longer protected by copyright law and can no longer be owned by an individual author or artist. For example, starting Jan. 1, 2022, the famous “Winnie-the-Pooh,” a book first published in 1926, will enter the public domain and can be used freely. And because of changes to copyright law in 1998, this will continue to happen every Jan. 1 for the foreseeable future. So I say, watch and see what’s to come for the public domain.”