Why Newhouse by Newhouse Ambassadors

Finding the college or university that's just right for you is one of life's biggest decisions. The Newhouse School at Syracuse University wants to help you find your best fit, and we hope it's here!

Newhouse Ambassadors are available to give tours and answer your questions about what it's like to be a student at the Newhouse School. Here, they answer the most basic question: "Why Newhouse?" Their answers are unique and enlightening. We hope they help you find your fit and help you see how Newhouse educates the communications leaders of tomorrow. 

Why Newhouse?

  • Classes prepare for the real world
    • "I love being a Newhouse student because my classes prepare me for the real world. Whether I'm creating a résumé in InDesign or learning how to analyze the news, I feel like the things I learn and do here will stick with me as I pursue a media career."

      —Jenna Koyama

  • A place to grow as a student and a person
    • "I chose to attend Newhouse because I knew it was a place where I could grow not only as student and professional, but also as an individual. Newhouse is an environment that fosters creativity and that pushes students to go for their dreams."

      Maria Veronica Roman

  • Endless hands-on experiences
    • "I chose Newhouse because I knew that I would be learning more than just the basics in the classroom. The opportunities for hands-on experience here are endless and I know that I have supportive faculty to help me achieve my dreams. Newhouse prepares me for the workforce and makes me stand out from the rest."  

      Nicole DeMentri

  • Opportunities outside the classroom
    • "I chose Newhouse because of the opportunities we get to explore the field of communications outside of the classroom. There are many courses in which you go out into the field to learn the practical component of communications. The extracurricular opportunities are amazing ranging from magazines, newspapers and radio and TV stations that help students gain expertise on their fields."

      Alex Alvarez

  • Students are driven and eager
    • "I chose Newhouse because the students are different here. We are driven, hard-working and eager to succeed. It is such a great environment with amazing professors and peers that help each other."

      Jamie Neukrug

  • Professors have industry experience
    • "I chose Newhouse because I knew I wanted to study communications and at Newhouse I could choose which area of communications would be the best fit for me. Newhouse offers so many opportunities to students, and the professors have 'been there and done that.' Oh, and the smoothies are super yummy."

      Alexis Hidalgo

  • A wide variety of classes and extracurriculars
    • "I chose Newhouse not only for the wide variety of classes and professors that I would be exposed to, but also for the overwhelming amount of hands-on opportunities offered. Newhouse stood out because I could take what I learned in class and apply it to an extracurricular club or organization, allowing me to gain real world experience."

      Lauren Shaw

  • Top journalism school with notable alumni
    • "I chose Newhouse because it is known as one of the top journalism schools in the country. It has enriching hands-on experiences along with very notable alumni. Once I toured Newhouse during my sophomore year in high school, I knew this was the university for me."

      Jamaya Powell

  • Traditional news values with new media and innovation
    • "I chose Newhouse because it provides a foundation of traditional news and journalistic values while fostering new media and innovation across media platforms."

      Anna Leach

  • Summer program set the tone
    • "I knew I wanted to attend Newhouse after I completed a six-week summer program in Syracuse before my senior year in high school. I was so impressed by the stimulating and professional environment that Newhouse offers, and I wanted to be part of it."

      Christina DiPietro

  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders
    • "There are thousands of communication schools in the country, but none of them have proven to have a networking community as strong as Newhouse. As a first generation college student and daughter of two immigrant parents, I knew I would need help building strategic relationships with professionals. Consequently, I chose to attend Newhouse because it offers the networking opportunities I need to be build strong relationships with potential employers in the media industry."

      — Victoria Navarro

  • Like-minded people with a passion for communications
    • "I chose Newhouse because I knew it would be a place where I could find like-minded individuals with the same love for communications as me. Since I have been here I have met some of the most passionate and driven people who push me to better myself and my education every single day. I know by the time I graduate I will be well prepared to succeed in my dream job."

      — Crystal Stanton Hawley

  • Top-notch public relations program
    • "I picked Newhouse because I know there isn't a better place to study public relations. I also know that no other school will prepare me the way Newhouse will."

      — Tanja Garic

  • Learn everything to take on the world
    • "I chose Newhouse because it is the best journalism school in the country. As an aspiring journalist, I wanted to go to a school with all of the resources needed to make me a good journalist. I like Newhouse because I am learning everything I need to take on the world."

      — Caroline Colvin

  • Newhouse Network is a key to future success
    • "I chose Newhouse because of the vast Newhouse Network. Having opportunities to connect to such a widely accomplished network of alumni across all professions was a major draw for me. This school has the skeleton key to success."

      — Chazz Inniss

  • The people at Newhouse want students to succeed
    • "The alumni network at Newhouse is the best you will find in the country. Even the professors have connections to help you succeed in the business. I wouldn’t have chosen another school because the people in Newhouse are the most caring individuals who come to work because they want to help their students."

      — Austin Pollack


  • Graduate with all the skills you need
    • "I chose Newhouse because the communications programs here are some of the best in the country. I like knowing that when I graduate I will have all of the skills I need to enter an industry full of Newhouse alumni."

      — Claire Moran

  • The best chance at conquering the industry
    • "Why Newhouse? I think the better question is, why not? Newhouse gives me the best chance to do what I want in the broadcasting world."

      — Sarah Valenzuela

  • The best professors
    • "The professors are the best part about Newhouse. Newhouse professors are personable and have worked in the field of study in which they are teaching."

      — DeArbea Walker

  • A prestigious reputation
    • "Newhouse is one of, if not the most, prestigious communications schools in the country. Every time I visited everyone—faculty and students—was super informative and friendly."

      — Dorian Ruderman