Newhouse NYC

Newhouse NYC is a one-semester program that allows students to intern for a prestigious media company while taking specialized coursework in New York City. The program is open to all Newhouse juniors and seniors.

Your Newhouse NYC experience will be built around an 18- to 24-hour-per-week internship matched to your interests and abilities. In the evenings, you will take Newhouse classes at the Fisher Center, Syracuse University’s academic space in midtown Manhattan. Courses include field trips to various professional offices, such as NBC, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Grey and Refinery29.

Throughout the semester, you will engage with an extensive network of accomplished professionals and talented alumni—many of whom occupy pivotal roles in the media industry. The goal is for you to network with as many people as possible since finding a job in media is often about “who you know.”

Spending your fall or spring semester in the city allows you to gain experience, make connections, build a more competitive resume and test-run what it’s truly like to live and work in New York.