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When do I meet with my faculty adviser?

Your advising sessions begin after you arrive in summer and before fall registration, which usually begins around Aug. 1. Depending on your program, you will also have group or individual advising sessions before spring semester registration.

Are there certain courses I can’t take?

You must take only graduate-level courses (numbered 500 and above) and follow your program’s established course of study. At least half of your courses must be at the 600-level or above. 

How many credits do I need during my graduate year?

As a full-time graduate student, you are limited to a maximum of 15 credits per semester (fall and spring) and six credits in each of the two summer sessions. 

What if a course I want to take is closed?

To be considered for inclusion in a closed Newhouse class, you will need to fill out a wait list form. If you are approved to take the course, you will get an email with a permission number. Do NOT use the online wait list feature on MySlice for Newhouse courses.

More information on wait lists at the Newhouse School>>

What if a non-Newhouse course I want to take is closed?

You need to contact either the course instructor or department chair to find out how to proceed with permission to take the class. 

When do I add or drop courses?

You may go online to MySlice and add or drop courses beginning on the first day of registration. Add/drop deadlines are listed on the academic calendars on the Registrar’s website.

After the add deadline, you may still drop courses until the drop deadline by using an add/drop form. You will need to gather signatures required by your home school or college. The form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall, by the Academic Drop deadline, with the necessary signatures.

Am I allowed to audit courses?

You may audit courses but they do not fulfill any of your graduate requirements and will not be counted by your program. 

Am I eligible to do an independent study?

You may, as a Newhouse graduate student, do an independent study if you:

• Complete an independent study proposal, which can be found at the registrar’s website.
• Get two signatures: one from your program director or department chair and one from your adviser.
• Bring your completed independent study proposal form to the Graduate Records Office (330 Newhouse 2) for the Associate Dean’s review and approval.

Who are the program coordinators?

Program coordinators provide administrative support to the various departments and programs within the school. They also facilitate the wait list form and permission number process during registration. They are located in 318 Newhouse 3.