Ryan Wen

Ryan Wen

Doctoral Advisor: Carol Liebler

Communication, London School of Economics

Areas of Research:
Public health, artificial intelligence, quantitative methods, and news consumption


Wen, Ryan, & de Carvalho, R. S. (2021, August). Exploratory Research on Health Knowledge, Negative Emotions, Risk Perceptions, and Intentions to Practice the Preventive Guidance during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Paper presented at the AEJMC Annual Conference, U.S.

Wen, Ryan, & Chen, Y. N. K. (2021, May). The Role of Information Literacy in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Paper presented at the International Communication Association Annual Conference, U.S.

Chen, Y. N. K., & Wen, Ryan. (2020). Impacts of Attitudes Toward Government and Corporations on Public Trust in Artificial Intelligence. Communication Studies, 1-17.


Ryan Wen, a doctoral student at Newhouse, considers himself a health communication scientist. Heavily utilizing experiments and statistics, Ryan’s latest studies have focused on preventive measures for COVID-19, vaccination, health interventions, and technology uses for help-seeking behavior. Prior to public health being his foremost interest, his research was largely themed on emerging technologies and mobile devices. He analyzed the divergent perceptions of artificial intelligence between citizens and experts shaped by how they accessed and approached scientific knowledge. He also investigated netizens’ mobile device uses developed in response to potential privacy infringements from rapidly growing streaming or social platforms.

Ryan has presented his scholarship at international conferences such as ICA and AEJMC. His papers have been published by Comunicar Journal, Communication Studies, as well as Communication & Society.