Regina Luttrell

Regina Luttrell

  • Associate Dean

    Research and Creative Activity
  • Associate Professor

    Public Relations
  • Co-Director

    Real Chemistry Emerging Insights Lab

Recognized as an innovative educator, Regina Luttrell is a distinguished scholar and an experienced academic leader with a track record of supporting cross-departmental and interdisciplinary collaboration, leading complex research projects, and advocating for faculty in multiple capacities. In addition to her successes in securing external funding for research initiatives, Luttrell has also contributed broadly within her area of scholarship, authoring more than a dozen books, publishing in academic and professional journals, and presenting at domestic and international conferences.

Her research interests focus on public relations, artificial intelligence, data analytics, a multi-generational workforce, and the intersection of social media with society. Prior to entering the educational field, she spent the first portion of her career in corporate public relations and marketing. Her extensive background includes strategic development and implementation of public relations and social media, advertising, marketing, and corporate communications.

Titles include:

Gen Z: The Superhero Generation
Social Media & Society: An Introduction to the Mass Media Landscape
Democracy in the Disinformation Age: Influence and Activism in American Politics
Public Relations Campaigns: An Integrated Approach
Social Media How to Engage, Share, and Connect
The Millennial Mindset: Unraveling Fact from Fiction
Trump Tweets, The World Reacts: Understanding What is Relevant and Why