Regina Luttrell

Regina Luttrell

  • Associate Dean

    Research and Creative Activity
  • Assistant Professor

    Public Relations
  • Interim Director

    Graduate Program in Public Relations

Prior to entering the educational field, Regina Luttrell spent the first portion of her career in corporate public relations and marketing. Her extensive background includes strategic development and implementation of public relations, social media, advertising, marketing, and corporate communications. She has led multiple re-branding campaigns, designed numerous web sites, managed high-level crisis situations, and garnered media coverage that included hits with the New York Times, the CBS Evening News, and the Associated Press. 

A contributor to PR Tactics, PR News and peer reviewed journals, Luttrell is a noted speaker where she frequently presents at national and international conferences and business events on topics related to the current social media revolution, the ongoing public relations evolution, and millennials within the classroom and workplace. She is the author of multiple books including "Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect" and "The Millennial Mindset: Unraveling Fact from Fiction."

Other titles include: