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Javier Farfan is an accomplished entertainment and marketing executive and thought leader who has successfully evolved brands by putting culture first. Farfan is a man of the people, known as a maven to many, and grounds himself on embracing his legacy in brand building while inspiring youth to embrace their diversity, inclusion and equity as they grow as business leaders.

Farfan, now president and founder of J Wolf Advisors, is leading creative and cultural strategists to redefine the future of brands like the NFL, Amazon Music, New Balance, McDonalds, Miller Coors, Roc Nation and PepsiCo. 

Farfan served as a professor at Seton Hall University and New York University, where he leveraged his strengths in creativity, storytelling and leadership to foster the development and growth of socially conscious future business leaders.

Today, Farfan is grounded knowing his work as a leader started when he founded JUMP Nation, a New York State nonprofit youth mentoring organization. He also co-founded the UA School of Business for Young Women, a New York City high school. He holds an M.A. from Columbia University and an M.B.A. from New York University's Stern School of Business. 

Javier spends his spare time with his family; his wife Nat, their son Jonah Wolf and their cats, Tina and Taylor, in New York/New Jersey.