David Sutherland

David Sutherland

What he teaches ...

David Sutherland teaches introductory photography, emphasizing content, composition and elements that determine picture quality, including camera use and camera functions. He also teaches basic video production, emphasizing story concept, story structure, shot sequencing, continuity and pacing.


David Sutherland has been a professor of photography at Syracuse University for nearly 40 years. He was previously a staff photographer at the Louisville (Kentucky) Courier-Journal and the Bowling Green (Kentucky) Daily News.

He has been honored with the 2002 National Press Photographers Association Robin F. Garland Educator Award; the 2000 Western Kentucky Herald Journalism Award; and the 2008 Michael O’Leary Prize for Excellence in Teaching at SU London.

Sutherland was the administrator for the Alexia Foundation for 20 years, and the Alexia Endowed Chair from 2007-2010.

He has also taught photojournalism to Military Visual Journalism students for 25 years.