The Griffith Observatory

Amanda Lennes

So far in Los Angeles, I’ve found that most of the things to do cost quite a bit of money: theme parks, restaurants, even parking is expensive when you’re living on a student budget! But there are also a lot of cheap things to do, one of them being going to the Griffith Observatory. It’s only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – luckily, those are the only days I tend to find myself free. On days you’re able to go, you can park near the entrance of Griffith Park – which is free –there’s a mile-long hiking trail that will bring you up to the entrance in just under 30 minutes. Along the way, there is a path near a stream, a park area and amazing views of downtown Los Angeles. When you arrive, admission is also free, and you get full access to the entire observatory, including some presentations given by museum workers throughout the day. As a student, you also get a discount on the shows, making the total trip costing, at most, only five dollars. I personally loved going here. There were so many exhibits to check out and the hike was easy and fun, especially with friends. Overall, a great, affordable experience that everyone should do while they’re here!