Fall Workshop

Founded by the visual communications faculty in 1999, the Fall Workshop gives photography students the opportunity to tell visual stories about the world around them.

The Fall Workshop brings top professionals from around the world to join our professors as we push students to identify, observe and artfully communicate the core of who we are and the issues we face in everyday life. In the process, students learn to better use still photography, audio, video, motion graphics, design and words to become exceptional storytellers who engage the community.


Visual design is only part of what you’ll learn as a graphic design student, and it’s only part of what you’ll be doing after you graduate. Combining photography, writing and critical thinking skills with essential learning in ethics and communications law, you’ll graduate from our program with the ability to work and think on a big-picture level, as well as get into the granularity of all the choices you’ll need to make with purpose and intent as a designer.

Some courses you’ll take as part of your graphic design degree:


Introduction to Graphic Design

Teaches underlying principles of visual communications and the fundamental strategies, tools and practices of graphic design; emphasizes visual problem-solving, including conceptualization, typography, layout, image editing and production of print and digital communications.

VIS 317

Typographic Design

Explores essential history, concepts, skills and strategies for thoughtful and informed typographic decision-making in creating elegant and smart design solutions. Focuses on typeface design, the setting of text, and visual strategies.

VIS 457

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Design

Students will utilize design thinking to create human-centered experiences and useable interfaces for web and mobile, including an interactive prototype for a UI/UX project package.


We teach you how to create human-centered design that is about more than just making something pretty; it’s about making it mean something.

As a graphic design student at the Newhouse School—and unlike students at art schools or technical institutes—you’ll receive a bachelor’s of science degree. This means you’ll take a significant number of courses outside your major, giving you a more well-rounded education, one rooted in liberal arts and built to help you develop the critical thinking skills essential to a successful career in design.

Featured Alumni

Graphic design graduates are leading the visual revolution across all media from newspapers and magazines to multimedia digital presentations in all forms. 


Can you see yourself designing layouts for a newspaper or magazine? Designing a website for music label? Creating the aesthetic for a series of print, digital and video ads? Graphic design alumni make the world more beautiful, one project at a time.

Here are what some graphic design graduates are doing now:

Emma Comtois ’19

UX Designer
Amazon Alexa

Chloe Meister ’18

Snapchat Designer
The Washington Post

Lucy Mao ’12

Senior Interaction Designer

G Williams ’10

CEO, Founder
Grova Creative


Our impressive faculty of renowned professionals and industry-tested experts will help you become the visual creative you want to be.

Graphic Design

The Newhouse School’s graphic design program, housed in our distinguished visual communications department, prepares students for creative careers in a variety of digital, print, motion, immersive and emerging fields

Graphic designers are a critical link in the communications model, creating solutions in every sector of the industry. Their expert grasp of the highly sought-after “design thinking” and emphasis on human-centered approaches make designers key players in everything from web and motion design, to advertising and branding, to magazine and news design, to the emerging fields of augmented reality, virtual reality and even voice-driven products.