My Newhouse LA Summer Experience

Allie Nelson

Hi! My name is Allie Nelson and I’m a rising senior from Colorado Springs, Colorado, studying computer art and animation and art history with a minor in architecture at Syracuse University. This summer, I’m interning at The Operating Room, a small production company based in Los Angeles. This last month I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn about the entertainment industry and how it’s changing. I’ve also gained firsthand experience with coverage (reading scripts, comics and pitches for shows or movies for future development), developing scripts and graphic design for future projects. It has been such a rewarding experience so far, and even though my work is not in person, I’ve been able to bond with my co-workers and really feel like part of a team. This program has given me the opportunity to meet other Syracuse University students who aspire to work in the entertainment industry, as well as network with alumni (including my boss) and so many amazing people who play big roles in the industry. Our apartment is located right in the middle of Los Angeles, just a 15-minute drive (not counting the delightful traffic) from Hollywood and Vine. When I’m not working at my internship or in class, I’ve been exploring the city and southern California. So far, I’ve been to quite a few beaches, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visited the Grove and the original farmer’s market and spent a weekend camping in Joshua Tree National Park. I plan on exploring much more of southern California in the next month! Overall, this program has been an amazing experience, and we’re only halfway through the summer. There’s so much more to see and learn!