Los Angeles – A city of beauty

Yitong (Iris) Liu

As a student who spent two and a half years in Syracuse, coming to Los Angeles was the best choice I made. I love Syracuse, every season in this city allows me to quiet down and think quietly. I also love Los Angeles, and unlike Syracuse, every corner of the city reminds me that I am alive and that I should enjoy my life. Los Angeles was the best view I’ve ever seen, I went to the beach in Santa Monica during sunset and understood that the original Tequila sunrise colors didn’t exaggerate the beauty of the sky. I also watched the entire city’s warning lights on horseback in Hollywood. I stood in front of the telescope at the Griffin Observatory in Los Angeles looking for different nebulae, and I touched starfish in different museums. This short one-month experience has made me feel the beauty of Los Angeles. I think in the future I will continue to go to more beautiful places and see more beautiful scenery. If someone asked me for my advice on this city, I think I would say: “Please remember to enjoy the most beautiful Los Angeles with the people you love.”