An Invaluable Experience for Filmmakers

Robert V. Fodera, Jr.

During the Newhouse LA Semester, I interned at The Operating Room, which is an animation development company. They also have a sister live-action company called New Legend. For my internship, I have done script coverage, research into people and companies and other tasks as assigned. This semester, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my internship has been completely virtual. Some of my other peers have in-person ones, but my company has decided to be virtual until further notice. Honestly, the virtual setting has been quite tough as it is difficult to form relationships with my co-workers and keep on a healthy work schedule, but it has been very convenient as I do not have to commute and can quickly log in and out of work. My internship has been very helpful for me to understand the scope and number of companies in the entertainment industry. Before this internship, I did not realize the amount of time that goes into film development and how they get shopping around town and not through only the large studios. Furthermore, through my research, I have discovered that many other companies that can work together to make and complete a project. It has been enlightening as a filmmaker to learn more about everything that goes on in pre-production to make a film or show in Hollywood. Through my script coverage, I have grown and matured as a storyteller and a writer since I had never read full feature and pilot scripts before, and I have learned from others’ scriptwriting. This has been an invaluable experience that I hope will help launch me into my future career as a filmmaker.