Alumni Spotlight: Katie Vallely

Katie Vallely

As promotions manager at Live Nation Entertainment, what are your major responsibilities?

I manage the promotional aspects of brand partnerships with Live Nation. I help brands running sweepstakes, contests, etc using our products execute a successful program. I work closely with the brand as well as our account, digital and legal team to ensure everything that was contracted is brought to life.

What do you find to be the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your job?

Both the rewarding and challenging aspects come from just how big Live Nation is. I have to be very deliberate with my time management to keep up with the volume, making sure everything that needs to get done, gets done. That being said, because I work at such a huge company we are in turn, capable of huge projects. We have the resources, scope and expertise to do some incredible things that it is in honor to be a part of. The ticket perks don’t hurt either!

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned since graduating from Syracuse University?

Surround yourself with people who will both lift you up as well as push you to be the best person you can be. It’s easy to get into a routine and settle, so it’s important to have people in your life that remind you what you are capable of. Once you find them, be that person to others.

If you were an undergraduate student again, is there anything that you would do differently?

Take better advantage of everything Syracuse University has to offer. From the list of speakers that comes to campus, to the fitness centers and recording studios. There was more than one pool at my disposal that I just never used? Unforgivable. Even having a medical center within walking distance is something I definitely took for granted. In short – you are paying for everything Syracuse has to offer, use it.

What is your favorite Newhouse LA memory?

I mean, we got to see John Williams conduct a full orchestra playing his greatest film scores at the Hollywood Bowl. Pretty hard to beat.