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Newhouse DC

Experience what it’s like to live, learn and work at the nerve center of American democracy.

The one-semester Newhouse DC program offers a unique opportunity to pursue your education and professional development in our nation’s capital.

You’ll gain hands-on professional experience as an intern at a top-level media company, take classes and build your network by engaging with accomplished professionals, many of them alumni who hold top roles in the communications industry. You will also meet industry professionals as part of your coursework.

Mentorship is a key element of the program. As a Newhouse DC student, you will be paired with a mentor—typically a Syracuse University alumnus working in your field of interest. Your mentor will meet with you a few times during the semester to offer career advice and help you adjust to life in the city. You will get to see firsthand how the “Newhouse Network”—the Newhouse School’s famed group of highly successful alumni—is a very real and powerful resource.

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Staff and Faculty

Get to know the people you’ll be supported by and learning from in Los Angeles!

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Important Information

In addition to classwork and your internship, many social and cultural opportunities are available for you to enjoy. We encourage you to have some fun and take full advantage of the California sunshine! Learn more at

Additionally, the Syracuse University Los Angeles department organizes many special events with alumni on the West Coast, and Newhouse LA students have the unique opportunity to attend these events and network.


A partnership with a  property management company provides students with fully furnished apartments on a short-term lease. Students apply directly to the management company and sign an individual lease. Students may also find alternative housing.


Los Angeles is very much a car-centric city.  Access to a car is the best way to navigate between home, an internship and the Syracuse University Los Angeles Center.  Some students use a ride share company like Uber or Lyft instead of arranging for a car. There is a public transportation system in LA but it is limited geographically.  Using public transportation may increase commute times and may also require several transfers between trains and buses. Both ride share and public transportation may limit the internships to which students can apply as some internships require that the student have a car.

All transportation options should be researched thoroughly to understand the costs involved and the challenges each mode presents.

Health and Wellness

The Newhouse LA program is dedicated to student health and wellness by providing Los Angeles area-based resources to aid in personal growth and academic success for students in times of crisis, problem resolution and coping with daily challenges.

Newhouse LA Emergency Information

Newhouse LA is dedicated to the safety of our students, and as such, we have emergency plans in place as a precaution due to the increased risk of wildfires and earthquakes in the Los Angeles area.


Newhouse LA is offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The program is open to students with 60 credits completed and are in good academic, financial, and judicial standing. All students are required to meet with an academic adviser to discuss a program plan for their planned semester in LA.

Dates and Deadlines

Applications are now open for Summer 2023 or later.

Summer 2023
Application Deadline: Jan. 30
Pre-departure meeting: Feb. 12

Fall 2023
Application Deadline: Feb. 15
Pre-departure meeting: Mar. 26




In addition to Syracuse University tuition, Newhouse LA students are billed a program fee ($1,500 for fall/spring or $1000 for a summer session), and housing costs if requested. There is also an application fee of $60.

Additional costs to consider are course materials, grocery, transportation (airfare, car, gas, public transportation, rideshare, parking, ) entertainment, and personal expenses. These expenses will vary depending on a student’s individual circumstances and are not billed to a student’s bursar account.


Newhouse LA offers merit-based scholarships due to the generosity of the Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation.

Apply now!

Incomplete application materials will not be considered. Late submissions will be waitlisted.

Not a Syracuse University student? We welcome you!

Email for an information packet. 


Internships are a central part of the Newhouse LA program, providing you with real-world experiences and valuable insights into the entertainment industry. Learn entry-level skills, experience professional environments, make connections and develop tools that will enhance your career as a young professional.

Newhouse LA staff members are committed to helping every student find an internship. They will work closely with you to identify the best fit for your career interests and goals.


Newhouse LA provides you with a robust and challenging academic program taught by media industry professionals.  You’ll have an opportunity to learn from dedicated faculty as well as current industry professionals who serve as guest speakers. Being in Los Angeles also affords you the unique ability to participate in field trips to studios, production companies, post-production houses and much more.

Take courses such as Screenwriting, Business of Development, Production and Post-Production, Communications Law and Classical Hollywood Cinema.

Student Life

Newhouse LA is a one-semester program that provides students with the LA experience while continuing your Newhouse education in the heart of the entertainment industry.

Check out the SULA Center, located in the Sherman Oaks area of the San Fernando Valley.

Read about the Newhouse LA experience through the eyes and ears of the students who have participated in the program.

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Newhouse LA

Newhouse LA is an immersive professional development program that provides students with a unique opportunity to work as interns at a Los Angeles media company while taking entertainment industry-related academic courses taught by professionals.

Kick-start your career in the entertainment capital of the world. You can take Newhouse courses while interning for top companies in film, television, music and digital. Network with alumni, get insider access at events like PaleyFest LA and take field trips to places like the Motion Picture Academy Museum and Warner Bros. You can also give back to the community through volunteer opportunities. Experience what it’s like to live in Los Angeles and do the work you’ve always dreamed of doing. 


Newhouse NYC is offered in the fall and spring semesters, and admission is granted on a space-available basis.

Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2023: Applications due by February 15, 2023


Health and Safety

Students participating in internships with external companies/organizations must comply with all health and safety rules, including those related to COVID-19 prevention, set by the external companies/organizations. For example, external companies/organizations may have different masking or vaccination rules than the University, including in some instances stricter rules, and students must comply with those rules, in addition to the Syracuse University rules. 

Failure to comply with a company or organization’s health and safety rules may prevent a particular placement or result in the loss of a placement.

If you have any questions about particular requirements for specific companies or organizations, please let us know.


In addition to Syracuse University tuition, Newhouse NYC entails a program fee, and housing costs. 

Existing financial aid, grants, and scholarships will be applied to your Newhouse NYC semester. Additional costs to consider are books, supplies, personal expenses, transportation (i.e.: MetroCard for the subway), meals, groceries, and entertainment. 

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