VIDEO: Professor Makana Chock and her students examine virtual reality

December 14, 2017

Makana Chock, associate professor of communications in the Newhouse School, studies the way people process and respond to mass media, and lately her focus has been on virtual reality (VR). In this edition of Innovation Orange, we take a closer look at how Chock and her students pay close attention to the way people consume VR.

Virtual reality places the user in the driver’s seat when it comes to activity. Once a person is immersed in a virtual reality scene, they have the ability to move around and in a sense interact with their virtual environment. Chock studies the way people respond within in the virtual reality environment. What makes a person turn left rather than right, or choose to interact with one object over another? These are questions being asked by Chock and her students, as she helps us better understand how we interact with a digital world.

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