Student startup CLLCTVE launches college creative-focused beta platform

April 5, 2019

Student startup CLLCTVE, a creative agency that connects brands with college students who can create transmedia content, will launch a beta platform April 5 at

“Our vision for CLLCTVE is to empower the next generation of creatives,” says CLLCTVE co-founder Kelsey Davis, a senior television, radio and film student at the Newhouse School. “We are able to build, engage and nourish a self-learning community, providing them economic opportunity, professional development and mentorship from top brands and industry leaders.”

Davis designed the platform, which features web and mobile capabilities that allow college creatives to join CLLCTVE’s creative community. Members will be able to create an account, develop an online portfolio, follow and chat with other members, publish their own content and gain access to CLLCTVE’s catalog of developmental e-learning resources.

“Generation Z grew up learning how to make websites and videos before they even thought about college, but they often lack the capabilities to scale and monetize their creative skills while thriving in an intense academic environment,” Davis says.

Last October, CLLCTVE hosted the first annual CLLCTVE Conference for 150 creative-minded students at Syracuse University with the goal of bridging the gap between creatives, universities and brands. The day of programming included some of the top digital media influencers and brands in the country. Keynote speakers and panelists were Evin Robinson, co-founder of New York on Tech; Tiffany Bender, senior producer at Teen Vogue; and Jonathan Jackson, co-founder of BLAVITY.

CLLCTVE took place in the first-ever ’Cuse Tank competition for SU innovators last fall. The event was co-sponsored by the Blackstone LaunchPad and Syracuse University Libraries.

Over the next few months, Davis plans to expand CLLCTVE’s reach from Central New York to colleges and universities across the country. Students at Harvard University, Rutgers University, New York University and others have already collaborated with the agency.

For more information about CLLCTVE, contact Davis at