Stevens will write, design forthcoming book on graphic design

September 27, 2019
image of book cover

Renée Stevens G’11, assistant professor of visual communications at the Newhouse School, is the author and designer of the forthcoming book “Powered By Design: An introduction to problem solving with graphic design,” due out from publisher Rocky Nook this spring.

From the publisher:

“Stevens’ book is for anyone who wants to gain a more practical understanding of what graphic design is today, and the power and potential it has: from students to novice graphic designers to anyone who wants to build a solid foundation of design skills so that they can work more effectively with professional designers.”

Stevens is an award-winning designer who teaches a variety of design courses at Newhouse, including introduction to graphic design theory and practice, motion design and immersive design for augmented reality. She also teaches the undergraduate design capstone course, which operates as a fully-functioning design studio where students learn to combine their problem-solving skills, visual storytelling skills and expertise in cutting-edge design technologies to create client work and to market themselves. She joined the Newhouse faculty in 2016.