‘Senior year now looks different than it did before’

March 26, 2020

Newhouse student offers message of support to fellow college seniors

Newhouse advertising student Margot Lee was already thinking about recording a message to her fellow college seniors about the way the coronavirus pandemic has affected the end of their college years when associate professor Corey Takahashi encouraged her to do so.

Takahashi says he thought it would be a good idea for Lee “to lend support to other seniors, ease anxieties and give voice to the experience of the past few weeks.”

Lee (a pseudonym), is a well-known vlogger and YouTube star who taught a pop-up class with Takahashi last fall.

She had already posted an Instagram story on the topic. “[I] received hundreds of responses from my followers thanking me for acknowledging this situation and sharing their stories with me,” she says. “The responses were so emotional that I knew there was more to be said on the subject.”

Lee’s video, “An Open Letter to College Seniors (Re: Covid-19),” was posted on YouTube March 15 and has garnered well over 120,000 views. It has also earned hundreds of heartfelt comments from college and high school seniors from as far away as Italy.

“In these highly uncertain times, I think this is a terrific example of Gen Z, and Newhouse students, stepping up as their own leaders,” Takahashi says.