Radio executives visit campus, say radio is stronger than you think

by Jo Allen

February 4, 2019
Liana Huth, Mike Kaplan and Bill Werde
Liana Huth and Mike Kaplan speak to students Jan. 28 as Bandier Program director Bill Werde moderates. Photo by Saniya More

Two executives from Entercom, the second largest radio company in the U.S., visited campus Jan. 28 as guests of the Bandier Program’s David M. Rezak Music Business Lecture Series. Liana Huth, senior vice president of programming innovation, and Mike Kaplan, senior vice president of programming at WNYL-FM, presented “Radio Gaga: Rediscovering Terrestrial Relevance in the Age of Streaming” to an audience of students and other guests. While much of the discussion was “off the record,” we were able to catch some interesting snippets.

Huth on research: “We talk to kids in colleges. Do you guys listen to the radio? What do you listen to?”

Kaplan on genres in radio: “Alt rock is not doing what it did five or 10 years ago. We play older music because it’s what people are comfortable with. People still like new [kinds of] music but not all at once, which is why our stations do a good job of balancing new hip-hop and pop hits with classic tracks.”

Huth on success in the music industry: “Having a passion for what you do is important. I stay late every night, and everyone leaves, which just shows how much I care. I love my job so it’s easy for me to show how passionate I am about my work. But even if you don’t like it, bosses can tell when you’re devoted and when you’re not.”

Kaplan on success in the music industry: “If you’re passionate about something, everything takes care of itself. It all comes together. Put your head down, work hard and get there.”

Next installment of the David M. Rezak Music Business Lecture Series: Rachael Pazdan, music programming director for City Farm Presents, joins Bandier alumnus Lucas Saks ’12, senior talent buyer at Brooklyn Bowl, for a panel discussion on producing and promoting live music events on Feb. 4.

Jo Allen is a graduate student in the magazine, newspaper and online journalism program at the Newhouse School.