Professor Ken Harper talks with Ochre about EbolainLiberia; the data has stalled, the urgency has not

December 11, 2014

Liberian offical: "I’m trying to strike a balance between staying alive and being useful—it’s a hard thing to do."

Newhouse associate professor Ken Harper recently spoke with freelance journalist Chuck McCutcheon, working for Ochre, about the status of EbolaInLiberia, a collaborative project Harper helped launch early this semester to track and share information about the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Harper was relying on data from Thomas Karyah, a former student now working for the Liberian Ministry of Health. The site launched in September but the flow of reliable data about Ebola cases halted less than two months later as Ebola continues to ravage the country.

Harper, who is director of the Newhouse Center for Global Engagement, and others talk about the status of the project and how they hope to restore the data flow to EbolaInLiberia soon.

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