Newhouse wins new Defense Department contract for Military Visual Journalism Program

by Christy Perry

May 4, 2010

The program teaches active-duty military personnel photojournalism and broadcast journalism

The Newhouse School has won a new, multimillion dollar contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to continue the school’s long-running Military Visual Journalism Program. Newhouse has for many years offered two Department of Defense-sponsored programs that teach active-duty military personnel photojournalism and broadcast journalism.

Under the umbrella of the Newhouse Military Visual Journalism Program, the military photojournalism (MPJ) and military motion media (MMM) programs accept enlisted service members who work as mass communication specialists, combat photographers and military journalists. The programs last for 10 months.

The military photojournalism program began at Newhouse in 1963, during President John F. Kennedy’s administration. The early days of the program involved only one military branch, the U.S. Navy, and the first curriculum was designed to help active-duty sailors sharpen their photography and storytelling skills. Other military departments joined the program in later years.

“Our military visual journalism students have been part of the very fabric of the Newhouse School since 1963,” says MPJ program director Anthony Golden. “With this new five-year contract our sailors, marines, soldiers and airmen will be working with us on the future of visual journalism. Our tradition continues.”

The DoD decided to expand into broadcast journalism training in 1992, after reassessing coverage of the Gulf War. At that time, Newhouse won the first Military Motion Media contract.

MMM program director Dona Hayes says she looks forward to continuing the collaboration between the photojournalism and motion media students. “For the first time this year, both groups have been working side-by-side to produce a multimedia website,” Hayes says. “With the rapid changes in media and in our world, who knows what the students will be producing by the end of this new contract?”

The Newhouse/DoD contract may be renewed annually for up to five years.