Newhouse students, faculty win big in international student creative advertising competition

January 23, 2018

Creative advertising students from the Newhouse School have won 55 awards in the Graphis New Talent Annual 2018, marking the school’s best showing ever in the international student creative advertising competition and topping previous wins of 36 awards (2017) and 15 awards (2016). Syracuse University was the second highest awarded school in the advertising division of the competition.

This year also marks the third year in a row that a Newhouse student has received a Platinum award, the competition’s top honor. Only eight Platinum awards were given in this year’s competition. 

Newhouse students won a total of 1 Platinum, 13 Gold, 20 Silver and 21 Merit awards. Among the top winners were Nicole Framm (1 Platinum, 1 Gold and 1 Merit); Ting Peng (3 Gold); Yunxuan Wu (2 Gold and 1 Merit); and Emily McMurray (1 Gold and 2 Silver).

In addition to students, professors with a high number of awards-winning students are honored by Graphis. Newhouse advertising faculty members who were recognized in this year’s competition were Kevin O’Neill, professor of practice, whose students won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 6 Merit; and Mel White, assistant professor, whose students won 1 Platinum, 11 Gold, 18 Silver and 15 Merit.

The Platinum, Gold, and Silver awarded ads will be featured in the 2018 Graphis New Talent Annual, alongside profiles of Framm and White. The publication will be released this spring.

To view all of the Newhouse student award-winning ads, visit the Graphis website.