Newhouse professors contribute to public discourse on the George Floyd protests

June 4, 2020

Grygiel, Gutterman and Thompson quoted in national and international media outlets

As the world watches the Black Lives Matter protests across the U.S. sparked by the killing of George Floyd, three Newhouse faculty members have been interviewed by national and international media outlets.

Jennifer Grygiel, assistant professor of communications, was quoted in Rolling Stone on the proliferation of false information. “It’s very important during this time to follow trusted sources, and by trusted sources I mean the free press.” Read more>>

Grygiel talked about the social media influence of institutions vs. that of protestors in a piece that ran in Britain’s The Telegraph. “I am concerned that it's skewed toward already powerful institutions and people.” Read more>>

Roy Gutterman, associate professor of magazine, news and digital journalism and director of the Newhouse School’s Tully Center for Free Speech, commented on the arrest of CNN journalist Omar Jimenez in a story for The Washington Post. “Unfortunately, arresting a TV reporter in the aftermath of a riot or protest is nothing new, but is certainly another unnecessary development in an already sad and disturbing situation.” Read more>>

Gutterman also commented on this topic for a segment on W Radio Colombia. Listen>>

Gutterman discussed the dangers faced by journalists for an article in Canada’s National Post. “Maybe it’s a subconscious trickling down from the ‘enemy of the people’ lines and some of the other rhetoric.” Read more>>

Robert Thompson, Trustee Professor and director of Newhouse’s Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture, talked about the breakdown of the American story for an Associated Press piece. “The United States is essentially a collage culture. And if you were a certain group, you had the comfort of the solidity of the great American story. It had a coherence. And it’s now been broken apart into a million little pieces.” Read more>>

Thompson was also referenced in a New York Times article about the sometimes lopsided coverage of the protests. Read more>>