Newhouse in New York alumni: Where are they now?

by Kayla Anderson

December 10, 2018

Newhouse in New York is just one semester during our time at Syracuse University. So the big question is: what happens after we leave the program? I had the pleasure of sitting down with six Newhouse in New York alumni, and I have to say, they set the bar very high.

Ronnie Saldarini '18

Ronnie Saldarini ’18


Assistant media planner at MullenLowe Mediahub

Newhouse NYC internship: Red Fuse Communications

Coolest thing you did during Newhouse NYC? Professor Joy Reid gave us a tour of NBC and while we there, and she took us into the “Saturday Night Live” studio. I am a huge SNL fan, so she let me stand on the stage. I also just enjoyed doing Newhouse NYC with two of my best friends.

Where are you now? I work as an assistant media planner at MullenLowe Mediahub in New York. I work with various clients, helping to do research on audiences and develop a strategy to get a company’s message across.

How did Newhouse NYC help you achieve your goals? My mentor, Daniel Colantonio, graduated from Syracuse a year or two before I did, and he was working at MullenLowe. After I graduated, we reconnected at a Newhouse alumni event, and he asked if I had a job yet. I said no, and so then he helped me get my job at MullenLowe.

Advice for current Newhouse NYC students? Experience as much of the city as you can. You will learn so many little things at Newhouse NYC that you can’t learn in the classroom, like office etiquette and how to navigate the subway. It will make you feel more confident, and you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else when you graduate.

Omneya Aboushanab ’18

Omneya Aboushanab ’18

Broadcast and digital journalism

East coast page at NBCUniversal

Newhouse NYC internship: The View

Coolest thing you did during Newhouse NYC? While I was a production intern at “The View,” we were rehearsing for a "Sister Act" reunion, and the producers had me stand in as Whoopi Goldberg.

Where are you now? I work as an east coast page at NBCUniversal. My current assignment is in the talent acquisition department, so I work with the internship recruitment team. I watch video interviews, help plan recruiting events, manage the recruitment social media accounts, and much more.

How did Newhouse NYC help you achieve your goals? I definitely think it was a taste of the real world. I was a full-time student, and I was interning and a work study for Director [Cheryl Brody] Franklin too. I was busy, but it was an amazing opportunity that really prepared me for my job at NBC. Being a page is like doing Newhouse NYC on steroids.

Advice for current Newhouse NYC students? Make the most of your time here. Explore, and go to all the events. Always be happy to learn, and ask Syracuse alumni to go on informational interviews. Informationals can be so powerful because you will learn a lot, and also when a job comes up, they might think of you.

Jackie Periera ’17

Jackie Periera ’17

Public relations 

Assistant account executive, Burson Cohn & Wolfe

Newhouse NYC internship: Polished Pig Media

Coolest thing you did during Newhouse NYC? My favorite day during Newhouse NYC was my birthday. I had myself a day. I didn’t have to work, so I went to a little lunch spot, and then I went to the Met by myself and walked around Manhattan solo. Then, in the evening, we went on a field trip to Twitter headquarters. It was a great day.

Where are you now? I am an assistant account executive for the digital innovation group at Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW). I work in the consumer digital space on the Palmolive/Colgate accounts. Day-to-day I do social media content writing, community management (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and influencer work. And working with influencers now is like working with celebrities.

How did Newhouse NYC help you achieve your goals? It instilled in me the basic mindset of sending thank-you notes, making sure you’re always proofreading. In one of my Newhouse NYC classes, I lost ten points on a test because I didn’t proofread well. The program gave me a detail-oriented mindset and helped me learn how to think on my feet. I also got some really great advice from the panelists that Director Franklin brought in. My favorite piece was “give every task you get the same amount of love.”

Advice for current Newhouse NYC students? Definitely write thank you notes and follow up on networking opportunities. Embrace the culture aspects of the city because it’s just as good as everything you learn at your internship. Also, listen to Cheryl [Brody Franklin] because she knows what she’s talking about. Straight up.

Kathryn Krawczyk ’18

Kathryn Krawczyk ’18


Assistant editor at The Week

Newhouse NYC internship:

Coolest thing you did during Newhouse NYC? Every site visit was incredible, but my favorite was definitely when we visited our Race, Gender and the Media professor Joy Reid at NBC. I got to stop by on a Wednesday for a production meeting for her show, “AM Joy,” and she snuck us into the SNL stage to take pictures. Also, my roommate Maddie Buckley and I took Broadway very seriously, so we entered ticket lotteries pretty much any day we didn’t have classes. We ended up seeing a ton of shows like “The Book of Mormon” and “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Where are you now? I work as an assistant editor at The Week. My day is split between writing SpeedReads—our short aggregated news pieces—and creating art for features. I hunt through Twitter and news sources and quickly write up brief recaps. And in the afternoon, I usually help our photo editor by creating art for our longer opinion pieces. That usually means Photoshopping politicians’ faces onto things, like putting Elizabeth Warren on a surfboard or Joe Biden in a DARE t-shirt.

How did Newhouse NYC help you achieve your goals? My job at The Week wouldn’t have happened without Newhouse NYC. I didn’t have any other big-name internships because I couldn’t have afforded living in the city and interning just two or three days a week, but interning while I took classes made it manageable. I made sure to be part of conversations on Slack and offer extra help on top of my day-to-day responsibilities while interning, and I showed up for every meeting with something to say. It also helped that, for a bit when one of our staff writers left their job, I started writing SpeedReads a few hours a week remotely and did that right up until I started my full-time job.

Advice for current Newhouse NYC students? Just take advantage of the city in any way you can. Don’t go a day without leaving your dorm room, even if it’s just to walk to Central Park, do work in a library, or take a subway ride to a new area.

Whembley Sewell ’15

Whembley Sewell ’15

Television, radio and film

Channel manager at Teen Vogue

Newhouse NYC internship: Refinery29

Coolest thing you did during Newhouse NYC? I don’t think I can pick one thing that was the coolest about my time during Newhouse NYC because I did so many cool things. I think the coolest thing about Newhouse NYC as a whole is that through doing a series of amazing things (ex: hosting videos at Refinery29, visiting companies like YouTube and Twitter, meeting editors I admired at panels and events), it created an opportunity for me to be fully immersed in NYC’s media scene from day one.

Where are you now? I am the channel manager at Teen Vogue, a Condé Nast publication. It’s a true dream job. I’m lucky to have a position that allows me to have a hand in so many different things every single day. From planning big cover packages, to brainstorming new initiatives for social, to being on and hosting video shoots—every day, if not every single hour, brings something new and exciting.

How did Newhouse NYC help you achieve your goals? Newhouse NYC was a launchpad for my career. Not only did it help to place me in spaces that opened my eyes to all of the possibilities that exist within media, it also introduced me to people who would prove to be pivotal in my own career path. For example, Cosmopolitan‘s then special projects director spoke to my Social Platforms, Processes and Perspectives class and ended up interviewing me a year and a half later for the social editor role I held at Seventeen. She was an incredible resource there and always supported my drive to innovate on social.

Advice for current Newhouse NYC students? Like I mentioned, you’re bound to cross paths and/or work with people you meet during Newhouse NYC (and future jobs) again! The industry is smaller than you think, so 1. Be kind and 2. Do your best work. Also, use this time to learn as much about industry trends that pertain to your career path as possible. Understanding the “next big things” and being able to talk knowledgeably about their potential impact on your field can put you in rooms and on projects where big decisions about future initiatives are being made. That’s how I turned my internship into my first job.

Maxine Williams ’18

Maxine Williams ’18

Television, radio and film

Production assistant at BuzzFeed

Newhouse NYC internship: BuzzFeed

Coolest thing you did during Newhouse NYC? For one of our Race, Gender, and the Media classes, Professor Joy Reid invited us to 30 Rockefeller Plaza on a VIP tour and there was a special guest: Reverend Al Sharpton.

Where are you now? I work as a production assistant for the BuzzFeed show "PROFILE," which launched at the end of July. It’s a weekly show with a different guest each week, hosted by Audie Cornish (known for NPR’s All Things Considered podcast). I work on anything and everything from research tasks to call sheets to any other logistical aspects of the show. If our guest that week is promoting a book, I read the entire book and write up a report for the staff.

How did Newhouse NYC help you achieve your goals? Newhouse NYC helped me get my current job. I went to an event at HBO through Newhouse NYC, and one of the panelists was the head of programming at BuzzFeed News. I emailed her after, and we had lunch in her office. That connection led to me getting my current role at BuzzFeed News.

Advice for current Newhouse NYC students? Always listen to Director Franklin and Marisa, and don’t say no to any opportunities. You never know who will end up giving you a job.

Kayla Anderson is a senior public relations major interning at the TODAY Show.