Newhouse hosts annual NPPA Multimedia Immersion workshop for visual journalists

June 4, 2015


The Newhouse School at Syracuse University recently hosted the annual National Press Photographers Association Multimedia Immersion workshop. Each year, visual journalists and coaches— professional multimedia journalists—from across the country gather at Newhouse to learn multimedia storytelling skills.

The intense, five-day workshop begins with each journalist blindly selecting a local story in the Syracuse community. The students spend the remainder of the workshop shooting, planning, editing and producing their multimedia stories. The workshop concludes with a public screening of the projects.

Find this year’s projects here:


2015 staff and Newhouse participants:

  • Seth Gitner, workshop director and Newhouse professor
  • Lenny Christopher, coach and master’s student
  • Ken Harper, speaker and Newhouse professor
  • Bruce Strong, speaker, chair of the Multimedia Photography & Design Department at the Newhouse School
  • Jason Kohlbrenner, staff and support, software trainer, video editor, Newhouse staff
  • Maura Lisson, teaching assistant, master’s student


  • Gregory Heisler, NPPA student and Newhouse professor
  • Aileen Gallagher, NPPA student and Newhouse professor
  • Rochelle Ford, NPPA student and Newhouse professor


  • Linda Epstein, NPPA student, alumna
  • Mark DiOrio, NPPA student, alumnus
  • Mark Dolan, NPPA student, alumnus
  • Myles Cullen NPPA student, military alumnus
  • Jamie de Pould, coach, alumnus
  • Andy Dunaway, sponsor (Nikon), alumnus
  • Mahayla Gaylord, coach, alumna