Newhouse creative advertising students win big at the first round ADDY Awards

By Isabel Drukker

April 16, 2019
Mel White, Yuxin Xiong, Yunxuan Wu '18 and graduate student Isabel Drukker
Professor Mel White with creative advertising students senior Yuxin Xiong, Yunxuan Wu '18 and graduate student Isabel Drukker

Newhouse creative advertising students won 14 of the 19 student awards at the ADDYs Awards ceremony held in Rochester on Thursday, March 14.

Senior Elaina Berkowitz and Yunxuan Wu ’18 won a Gold ADDY and a $1000 scholarship for their Google Millennial App idea.

“I thought it was so smart,” one judge commented about the Google Millennial App. “Totally used insights that I think we are all aware of about the millennial generation and infused it with humor. Everything from the user experience to the particular functionality of it was beautifully executed.”

A second judge wanted to vote for Berkowitz and Wu’s Google Millennial App as “Best in Show,” only to be reminded that it was ineligible for that distinction because it was created by two students rather than by a local agency.

Among Newhouse’s other most notable ADDY winners, senior Yuxin Xiong received two Gold ADDYs, one Silver ADDY and a $500 scholarship.

Ad design with Bose headphones that reads "Enter the Quiet World"
Senior Yuxin Xiong won two Gold ADDYs and a $500 scholarship for her Bose print ad campaign.

On Xiong’s Bose print campaign, a judge commented, “How has no one thought of that before? That’s exactly the sort of experience and benefit that this product delivers. And it was such a simple visual way to represent it. It’s beautifully art directed.”

“This is the first award show that I have ever attended in my life,” Xiong said. “This is also the first scholarship that I have received. It is a great honor to be one of the students who won ADDY Awards.”

Edan Michener ‘19 & Sophie Knochenhauer ’19 won a Gold ADDY and a $500 scholarship award for Heat The Streets, an initiative for Habitat for Humanity, with one judge commenting that it was a “cool use of technology for a meaningful purpose”.

Joining Berkowitz, Wu, Xiong, Michener and Knochenhauer as 2019 ADDY winners were: senior Nicole Framm and the team of senior Sarah Whaley and junior Amy Schwartz, each with a Gold ADDY; and senior Karen Miranda, junior Ivor Guest and the graduate student team of Isabel Drukker and Sam Spellman, each winning a Silver ADDY.

“These award-winning students continue to amaze me with how hard they work and how surprising and unexpected their solutions are,” Newhouse professor Mel White said. “And I can say with confidence that they are ready for the industry.”

White works alongside professor Kevin O’Neill for students taking the creative track within the advertising major.

"The advertising trade is a relentlessly competitive business,” O’Neill said. “Winning these high-profile student competitions is great preparation for the profession."

As Newhouse students exited the center that night, they were met with many congratulations (and some business cards) from representatives from greater Rochester-area agencies.

A color strip with different shades of brown representing different coffees and a white block at the bottom that says Crest Whitestrips, with hide your indulgences as the tagline.
Senior Sarah Whaley and junior Amy Schwartz won a Gold ADDY for their Crest Whitestrips print ad campaign.

“Winning creative awards, such as ADDYs, shows the remarkable success of Newhouse Advertising curriculum,” said advertising program chair James Tsao. “We are proud of students’ achievements and instructors’ dedication. It has advanced our creative emphasis to another milestone within a short period of time. We look forward to seeing more positive learning outcomes such as ADDY awards in the near future.”

Overall, Newhouse creative advertising students were awarded seven Gold ADDYs with these entries automatically being sent to the next, district-level ADDYs competition. Select winners from that district-level round will be sent to the national ADDYs competition.

The Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) hosts the ADDYs each year to recognize creative excellence within the central and western New York advertising community, with 18 ADDY awards recognizing the best in student print, out-of-home, online/interactive, video, and elements of advertising.

Judges for the 2019 Rochester ADDYs hail from ad agencies from across the country with select videos of judges sharing the reasoning behind their preferences displayed in the venue for the audience to watch as the awards were given out.