New faces at Newhouse

By Christy Perry

August 31, 2012

School welcomes 403 new students

This week marked a new beginning for first-year and new transfer students at Newhouse. Freshmen from eight countries and 32 United States and Puerto Rico filled classrooms and began their studies.

According to information from Newhouse's Office of Student Affairs, the school welcomed 373 first-year students and 30 external transfer students, for a total of 403 freshmen. Newhouse international students come from the following countries: Turkey, Brazil, Panama, Spain, Switzerland, China, Korea and Canada.

2012 U.S. freshmen come from every state on the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida, plus California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington State and Wisconsin.

View a map of 2012 Newhouse freshman from the United States and Puerto Rico.

View a map of 2012 Newhouse international freshmen.