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Media-Nxt: Media Infrastructure

Research: Sarah Quady

August 6, 2018

Mesh Networks + 5G + AI + IOT

Back in the analog days, media companies leveraged infrastructure as a competitive advantage. Newspapers had printing presses and distribution networks. Broadcast companies erected antennas to create and secure markets. Cable infrastructure created a more deliberate and successful media delivery model for television and internet access. But in the past two decades, it was tech companies, not media companies, that built physical and platform infrastructure.

Today, media companies can use new and recent innovations to re-enter the infrastructure space, claiming a foothold in emerging markets and underserved regions. Technologies like 5G, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT), combined with older (but still reliable) infrastructure like mesh and edge networking, could help media companies create opportunities to own content from production to distribution while monopolizing a large market…

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