Jeff Graubart G'11

May 19, 2017

“You may think you know what you want to do right now, but don’t let that stop you from taking yourself out of your comfort zone and pursuing something new.”

Jeff Graubart, G’11, graduated with a master’s degree in television, radio and film. He currently works producing digital video for NBC Sports Digital Shorts, and works with partners like Google, BuzzFeed and Snapchat.

A photo of Jeff Glaubart, G'11, on the NBC Sports set.
Jeff Glaubart, G'11, on the NBC Sports set with David Feherty of The Golf Channel.

What is your current position title and employer?

I'm currently a manager for NBC Sports Digital Shorts, which is a part of NBC Sports Group.

How did you obtain your current position, and what positions did you hold before it?

Thanks to Newhouse, I was able to get into the NBC East Coast Page Program back in 2012 and I've been at NBC ever since. I began my career in New York with the sports sales marketing team and then slowly but surely transitioned over to the digital video production team in Stamford, CT.

What are your job responsibilities?

My responsibilities are to ideate and execute new original digital video concepts across NBC Sports Digital, manage NBC Sports Digital's original programming production budget and scheduling and lead content strategy and programming of the NBC Sports YouTube channel.

I also work in partnership with Google to distribute NBC Sports highlights via Google OneBox, participate in and oversee NBC Sports' digital partnerships with The Whistle, BuzzFeed, Vox Media and Snapchat and proactively pursue new partnerships outside of NBCUniversal for potential digital video collaborations.

How do you feel Newhouse prepared you for your current job?

I tried to focus my career on television and film during my time at Newhouse. Now, it's funny for me to think back on my time there because even though it was only five years ago, the media landscape has changed so drastically since then. I mean, I remember being in my one bedroom apartment ordering DVD's from some random company called Netflix for the very first time.

It really worked out that Newhouse helped set me up with an internship at the MLB FanCave to complete my degree. The FanCave was one of the first digitally exclusive video initiatives by a major media company and was probably ahead of its time, now that I look back on it. That experience made me want to pursue a career in digital and made me realize that it was only the beginning of a drastic shift in video consumption habits.

Why did you select Newhouse for graduate studies?

It was always my only choice. The combination of Newhouse's reputation and the length of the program made the decision a no-brainer.

What was unique about your graduate program?

Everyone in the program had such a diverse set of interests — writers, producers, directors, researchers, you name it. Collaborating with such a unique group of people was something I looked forward to every single day.

Describe your most valuable/significant experience at Newhouse.

I would have to say the trip to Los Angeles. I had always had a dream of moving out to LA and becoming a talent manager or working for one of the major studios. When we got to LA, our first stop was CAA and I learned very quickly that talent management wasn't the life for me. By the end of the trip, I knew that Los Angeles wasn't for me either.

Is there a professor or class that you would recommend?

Take any class with Evan Smith and it will change your life.

Best on-campus memory or activity?

Definitely my first Syracuse basketball game. I went to St. John's for undergrad and going to basketball games was always a bit disappointing. Going into the Carrier Dome and seeing all of that orange is something I'll never forget.

What advice do you have for current or incoming students?

Learn as much as you can and really enjoy your time at Newhouse. There's just so much to learn there and so little time. You may think you know what you want to do right now (and this is most likely going to change), but don't let that stop you from taking yourself out of your comfort zone and pursuing something new.