Isabel Sanchez G'17

October 3, 2018

“The fact that you get to learn from so many world-renowned experts with decades of experience in the field is something you can't find anywhere else.”

Isabel Sanchez doing a standup in front of a camera
Isabel Sanchez G'17

Isabel Sanchez earned a degree in broadcast and digital journalism (BDJ) in 2017. She is currently working at WBOC and Telemundo Delmarva in Maryland as a reporter/anchor.

How did you obtain your current position, and what positions did you hold before it?

I obtained my current job with the help of my professors and Newhouse connections. I worked as a radio host since I was 16 in Venezuela until I left the country looking for a better life in 2015. I also worked as an anchor and reporter for a local TV station in my hometown, Maracaibo. I covered plenty of protests and the death of President Hugo Chavez.

What are your job responsibilities?

I have a very unique position in my station. I and my co-worker, Jennifer Marin, started WBOC's Telemundo project from scratch. We have a wonderful team of managers that allowed us to take part in pretty much every step of the process. From the building of the set to the production aspects of our news cut-ins. Our set in Telemundo is self-contained meaning that we only need two people to record our news cut-ins and we don't need to use any of the equipment of WBOC's set which gives us a lot of freedom. It's a very innovative set that uses web streaming technology to produce TV content. I produce daily cut-ins in Spanish for Telemundo and also work on stories in English as an MMJ for WBOC News. This past summer I produced FIFA World Cup updates on a daily basis for both stations. I also played a key role in the development of the website and mobile app for Telemundo.

How do you feel Newhouse prepared you for your current job?

My time in Newhouse prepared me so well for this position. Despite having previous experience in broadcast journalism back in my country, I had no idea how an American newsroom worked. From day one, the hands-on approach the program has gave me the tools I needed, teaching me about every aspect of the proper methodology to produce engaging news content for both digital and traditional TV and radio.

In Newhouse, I always felt welcome. I never felt left out or pushed aside because of my accent. They embraced my diverse background and encouraged me to bring it to the table to start conversations about issues that sometimes are overlooked, like in my case, the reality of press in other countries.

Did Newhouse open your eyes to new professions you may not have considered when applying?

Newhouse opened my eyes to aspects of the news business that I didn't consider before. The possibility to work with state of the art equipment and the innovative approach to the traditional media gave me a wider perspective of the things we can do after we graduate. The emphasis on the digital aspects of the business was extremely valuable as well.

Why did you select Newhouse for graduate studies?

It was a no-brainer. It's by far the best broadcast news program out there. The faculty is outstanding and the equipment is just as good as it gets. The fact that you get to learn from so many world-renowned experts with decades of experience in the field is something you can't find anywhere else.

What was unique about your graduate program?

One of the most special things about the BDJ program is the possibility to work in Washington D.C. for our capstone project. Working in the capital, producing news packages for real TV stations is priceless and you won't get an opportunity like that anywhere else. You'll literally be standing right next to network correspondents working on similar stories that will air on TV without even graduating. PRICELESS.

What advice do you have for current or incoming students?

Take advantage of every single thing Newhouse has to offer. Don't be afraid to look away from the regular BDJ program and dive deep into classes (like the BuzzFeed and the 360 video class) that will teach aspects of this profession that you never even dream of. Also, connect with the faculty as much as you can: take time to get to know them personally, ask questions and engage as much as you can.

Also, go to as many chats and seminars as possible as we have so many incredible graduates that come and visit all the time. Those are opportunities to learn from the best of the best that you will miss after your time in Newhouse is done.