Grad student creates inspiring video on Multimedia Immersion workshop at the Newhouse School

By Emily Kulkus

May 20, 2014

'Storytelling is What We Do' captures a journalist's drive in a changing industry



Jason Greene enjoys a challenge. So last week, when Assistant Professor Seth Gitner asked Greene to help document a workshop Gitner was co-directing at the Newhouse School, Greene figured, why not?

Little did he know he’d go hours and hours and hours without sleep, and document days of learning, teaching, producing, cutting, editing and outputting. Little did he know he’d capture more than six hours of footage—B-roll and interviews—that he’d have to boil down to just a handful of minutes. And little did he know he’d create an inspiring piece about the work he does himself: telling stories through video.

Greene, who is working on his final project to complete his master’s degree in multimedia photography and design from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, spent the bulk of last week amid a sea of journalists at the NPPA Multimedia Immersion—an annual intensive workshop that Gitner organizes and the Newhouse School hosts at its facilities.

As nearly 40 students and almost as many coaches waded through the technology of DSLR cameras, the art of multimedia storytelling and then a crash course in Final Cut Pro X, Greene did his best to capture it all. He chose one student to follow on her journey from still photographer to multimedia guru and then captured the learning, creating, producing and editing process over the workshop’s five intense days.  

His three-and-a-half minute video is titled “Storytelling is What We Do.”

Greene, a Florida native, will spend the next several months working on his final project here in Syracuse before starting an editing internship with Talking Eyes Media in August. Visit his website to learn more about his work.

To learn more about the NPPA Multimedia Immersion, which takes place each year at the Newhouse School, visit the NPPA website.