Finishing up in New York

By Yali Chen

December 3, 2018

Five Newhouse alumni talk about the benefits of attending Newhouse in New York for their final semester before graduating

Many Newhouse students dream of participating in the college’s Newhouse in New York program, a professional semester that allows students to intern at a prestigious media company during the day and take classes at night. Most importantly, they get a practice round of living in the city and can take advantage of the incredible Newhouse connections in New York.

The program is open to juniors and seniors, and while planning ahead is always a good thing, students may have a hard time deciding which semester they should go. However, some students choose to attend the program the last semester before they graduate, using it as a springboard for their career. Here, five Newhouse in New York alumni reflect on their experiences of going to New York during their senior year and offer advice for prospective students interested in the program.

Nick Ross '18
Nick Ross '18

Nick Ross '18

Television, radio and film

Live stream operator at ABC News

Nick attended Newhouse in New York in spring 2018, the last semester of his college career. He was thrilled when he landed a dream internship: working at ABC News as a newsgathering operations intern.

While shooting an event during his internship, Nick met a colleague who became an important contact to help Nick launch his career at ABC’s operations department. After graduating in May 2018, Nick was asked to stay on at the company and successfully started his career in ABC News.

Nick found that participating in Newhouse in New York during the last semester before he graduated was incredibly valuable.

“It’s easier to keep in touch with your connections in the city if you are here for the last semester,” Nick says. “Otherwise, if you come here as a junior, you will need to find ways for those contacts to remember you, which is usually harder.”

Nick was lucky to be offered a job so quickly at a company he already knew he liked. To students who don’t like their current internships, Nick suggests, “If you don’t like the company or the team, you can always transition to other firms or teams. But if you don’t like your job, you may need to rethink what you are really passionate about.”

This soul searching is helpful for seniors preparing for their first full-time job after graduation. For Nick, his internship showed him that his instincts were spot-on. He loves ABC and news operations, and is now enjoying his career at the company.

Suling Sun '17
Suling Sun '17

Suling Sun ’17


Assistant media planner at Good Apple

Suling attended Newhouse in New York in spring 2017, interning as a research, strategy and marketing intern at Catch 24, an advertising and design agency.

Remembering her semester in New York, Suling says the program prepared her to transition from a student to an active job seeker, as the program encourages students to think about their futures, make connections, and find jobs.

Suling was very lucky to go through this process with the help of a mentor, who she found through the Newhouse alumni database. As an international student from China, Suling was especially pleased to find an American-born Chinese alumna who shares a similar cultural background and also works in strategy at an ad agency.

As a senior, it’s important to have someone who is already in the job field to help you adjust to a different mindset than the one you have in college.

“I feel very lucky. When I was looking for a job, she would call me every two days to help me prep for interviews,” Suling recalls. “She was really busy, but she managed to help me no matter what. I am truly thankful to her.”

Suling says this preparation helped her shine during the interviews and land her current job successfully. Now, their relationship has evolved from mentor-mentee to friends.

Tessa Latrenta '17
Tessa Latrenta '17

Tessa Latrenta ’17


National Sales Marketing Planner at NBC

Tessa attended Newhouse in New York in fall 2017 and interned at NBC as a national sales marketing intern focusing on sports and the Olympics.

After graduating in December 2017, Tessa was asked to stay at the company and now works as a national sales marketing planner at NBC.

“This program really helped me transition from my internship directly to a full-time job after graduation,” Tessa says. “It helped start my career ahead of the game than most other SU students.”

For seniors, Tessa believes that making connections and earning trust from their internship supervisors is extremely important. If students’ internship supervisors trust them and believe in their ability, they’re more likely to offer them a job right after they graduate.

“Besides alums, your current internship managers can be an important contact for introductions,” Tessa advises. “You need to know how to stand out from all the other interns, and this is why director [Cheryl Brody] Franklin’s internship classes are so helpful.”

Ben Marx '17
Ben Marx '17

Ben Marx ’17

Public relations

Seasonal communications assistant for the Kansas City Chiefs

Ben spent his fall 2017 semester at Newhouse in New York, where he worked at NBC Sports Group as a marketing intern.

After graduation, he moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where he now works as a communications assistant for the Kansas City Chiefs.

While developing professional ties is important, Ben says that finding out what one wants and doesn’t want during senior year is equally crucial. As a student in Syracuse, it can be hard to learn what real-life working feels like. Attending Newhouse in New York during his last semester, Ben experienced working in a big city and found what—and where—he preferred to be after graduation.

Although Ben loved exploring the city with his SU friends in the program, he says the semester helped him figure out that New York is not for him.

“I am more of a small-town person than a big-city person,” Ben says. However, he was thankful to learn this prior to graduation, as it helped focus his job search elsewhere and land him where he is today.

Kiara Bunting '17
Kiara Bunting '17

Kiara Bunting ’17


Assistant account executive at Situation Interactive

Kiara joined the Newhouse in New York program the semester before she graduated in December 2017. During the semester, she interned as a client services/project management intern at Situation Interactive, which is where she currently works.

Similar to others, Kiara found that attending the program during the last semester before graduation was helpful to landing a job right after graduation.

“I am really lucky to work at the same company I interned at,” Kiara says. “I think it is one of the most beneficial things about this program. It is easier for you go directly from your internship to work without interruption.”

Kiara also enjoyed trying out a variety of tasks at her internship, which she says is now harder to do as a full-time employee.

“As an intern, you have fewer responsibilities and lighter workload compared to full-time employees, so take the opportunity to try different things,” Kiara says.

Yali Chen is a senior public relations major currently interning at Rooney Partners.