Exit interview

by Christy Perry

June 5, 2008

Dean David Rubin has cyberspace buzzing

Let's call it his exit interview. You know, the one you give as you're leaving a particular job. But most departing employees don't grab the eyes and ears of thousands of readers and viewers the way Dean Rubin has.

Our own Dean David Rubin, stepping down from the helm of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in Summer 2008, is not leaving us permanently. He will be back to teach after some time off. 

As he often has during his 18-year tenure as Newhouse's dean, he continues to make news with his observations about media.  Dean Rubin granted his "exit interview" to Jack Myers, an SU alum who owns Myers Publishing and Jack Myers Media Business Report.com.

Dean Rubin gave Jack quotable quotes and bits of wisdom that are now bouncing through the blogosphere. He's been quoted in the Seattle Times' Daily DemocracyThe Huffington Post, Poynter Online's Romenesko and other online venues.

"Traditional media are managing from fear," his commentary begins, as Rubin launches his critique of media consolidation and the damage caused to local news and public affairs.

Rubin also tackles the modern American aversion to open debate. "The First Amendment exists to protect offensive speech, yet this country seems to be offended by what each individual finds offensive," he said.

To read more of the Dean Rubin interview and see what he would ask the US presidential candidates regarding media and free speech, link to the article here.