Camille Dunn G'12

June 1, 2018

“Newhouse graduates enter the ad world with a solid and modern understanding of advertising, while enabling them to specialize in the function of their choice.”

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Camille Dunn G'12

Camille Dunn graduated with a master’s degree in advertising in 2012. She started her career as an entrepreneur and then leveraged that experience to move into her current role at Walmart eCommerce as a senior manager in digital strategy and communications. Her responsibilities include managing executive digital profiles, building campaigns around major news announcements, and content marketing tactics that help tell the Walmart eCommerce story.

How did you obtain your current position, and what positions did you hold before it?

I’ve had a rather non-traditional career for an advertising graduate, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. While studying at Newhouse, I took the entrepreneurship route and began a startup that enabled content providers to monetize their creative content. In 2014, I moved to Northwest Arkansas to pursue an accelerator program and was connected to a craft manufacturer called Canvas Corp Brands. I joined Canvas Corp Brands to gain knowledge and experience in the craft industry, while leveraging their footprint to expand my startup. While at Canvas Corp Brands, I led digital strategy building an influencer team of over 100 craft bloggers, and opened the ecommerce segment for the brand. Following Canvas Corp, I joined Walmart as a Senior Project Manager for Recruitment Marketing where I led digital and traditional advertising efforts for Walmart US Stores, Walmart Technology and Walmart Labs. I am currently employed as Senior Manager, Digital Strategy and Communications at Walmart U.S. eCommerce.

How do you feel Newhouse prepared you for your current job?

The biggest takeaways were strategy development that aligns with goals and objectives, presentation skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Why did you select Newhouse for graduate studies?

Newhouse was the only graduate program I applied to because it was the only program I had interest in attending. The reputation of the school, professors and alumni was difficult to ignore. Advertising had always been my passion because of the ever-evolving nature of the business, and Newhouse had the program that best aligned with my goals. Newhouse graduates enter the ad world with a solid and modern understanding of advertising, while enabling them to specialize in the function of their choice. In addition, the proximity to New York City combined with the stellar makeup of the alumni network provided students with the unique ability to receive mentorship and experience from the top agencies in the world.

What was unique about your graduate program?

I had the opportunity to meet, interact and work with so many amazing professionals from the ad industry. During my year at Newhouse, we heard from the ad professionals such as Chuck Porter, co-founder and chairman of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, through the executive speaker series.In addition, our class was able to work on two capstone projects with some of the hottest brands: Cosmo and Oreo. We worked directly with Cosmo’s executive team and pitched our strategy for re-imagining the Cosmo digital experience. We travelled to the Hearst building in NYC and pitched our projects. It was so fun! In addition, we pitched to 360i our ad campaign to take Oreo from a product icon to a brand icon.

Describe your most valuable/significant experience at Newhouse.

There were too many! But honestly, if you’re a motivated individual who knows what you’re looking to achieve out of your time at Newhouse, you’ll have the resources, mentorship and support to help you along the way. I knew that I wanted to build my business and leveraged resources to the best of my ability. Below are the resources I took advantage of and what I was able to achieve during my time at Syracuse:

The Whitman School of Management Panasci Business Plan Competition—I got 2nd place and won $10k to fund my business

Syracuse Tech Garden Summer Accelerator Program—Won 1st place and $1k in the accelerator program and advanced to a startup event in Philadelphia where I pitched to Shark Tank judge, Daymond John

RvD IDEA Competition through the iSchool—Won $10k to help fund my business

Student Startup Madness at SXSW—Syracuse funded my trip to SXSW. I won 2nd place at SSM and made the connection with my first investor, also a Newhouse graduate. Also, special shout-out to Sean Branagan, Director of the Center for Digital Media Entrepreurship at Newhouse. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to meet this guy!

New York State Business Plan Competition—Advanced to final round and was scouted by the largest angel group for women entrepreneurs

What advice do you have for current or incoming students? Any classes or professors that you recommend?

My advice is to be greedy and to TAKE: take a coding class (trust me, do this!!), take chances, and take advantage of your resources!