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Brown law review articles accepted for publication

This is a photo of Nina Brown

Nina Iacono Brown

Assistant Professor


Nina Brown, assistant professor of communications, had the following law review articles accepted for publication in The Rutgers Computer & Technology Law Journal:

  • "Artificial Authors: A Case for Copyright in Computer-Generated Works," 20 COLUM. SCI. & TECH. L. REV. 1, 41 (2018)
  • "Say This, Not That: Government Regulation and Control of Social Media," 68 SYRACUSE L. REV. 521 (2018) (with Jonathan Peters) for inclusion on its Fiftieth Selected Bibliography on Computers, Technology, and the Law.
This is a photo of Nina Brown

About Nina Iacono Brown

Nina Brown began her career as a copywriter at a small advertising agency, and eventually held roles as the director of communications for a start-up technology company and the associate vice president of brand development at a Fortune 500 company. Brown then attended Cornell Law School, where she focused her coursework and scholarship on First Amendment and intellectual property law. After several years practicing law, Brown joined the Newhouse faculty to teach courses in communications law.

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