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Symposium: Tattoo Culture in East Asia

Friday, April 19, 2019
1–5 p.m.
Dr. Paul and Natalie Strasser Legacy Room, 220 Eggers Hall
Poster for the Symposium; details from the poster listed in page text

This is an opportunity to share some of the research Cynthia Wang and Gabrielle Marzolf conducted both in Syracuse and overseas with Syracuse students and faculty. There will be a traditional Japanese tattoo demonstration, a portfolio exhibition and panel discussion on themes ranging from social stigma, Edo art, Yakuza gang imagery and Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.

Tattoo artists from both China and Japan will be present at both the "Brush & Needle" screening and the symposium. They will also be speaking in select classes.

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Tebori Tattoo Demonstration

Art Presentation

Panel Discussion on East Asian Tattoo Culture


Zhuo Dan Ting
Chinese tattoo artist

Takashi Yamamoto
Japanese tattoo artist

Joshua Thompson
Tattoo artist

Gareth Fisher
Associate professor of religion and anthropology
Syracuse University

George Kallander
Associate professor of history
Director of the East Asia Program
Syracuse University

Brian Hurley
Assistant professor of Japanese literature, film and culture
Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
Syracuse University 

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This is Wang's Renée Crown Honors Program thesis, and an interdisciplinary collaboration between Wang and Marzolf.

For more information, contact:
Betsy Feeley