Book reading with authors Dan Biddle and Murray Dubin

Monday, Feb. 4, 2019, 5 p.m. I-3 Center
432 Newhouse 3

His name sounded like a gladiator’s: Octavius Catto. He was an African American educator, Civil War recruiter and star athlete. He shared stages with Frederick Douglass and campaigned for racial justice in the statehouse and the streets. Catto and his allies challenged baseball’s color line 80 years before Jackie Robinson, staged sit-ins on streetcars 90 years before Rosa Parks, marched for voting rights a century before Selma—and like Selma’s marchers, paid a price in blood. Yet they marched on.

In "Tasting Freedom: Octavius Catto and The Battle for Equality in Civil War America," longtime Philadelphia Inquirer journalists Murray Dubin and Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Biddle chronicle the lives of this charismatic leader and the other men and women of that earlier, lesser-known civil rights movement.

Come hear how Catto’s story resonates with journalists and historians today.

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