Advertising alumni 'Awesome Jobs' panel

Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, 1 p.m. Doescher Lab, 407 Newhouse 1

Nine recent Newhouse advertising graduates will talk about what it’s like to make the transition from being a student to being in the industry. They’ll share advice on how they searched for internships and jobs, what was helpful to do as a student, what they learned at Newhouse that they use in their jobs, how they have networked and cool projects they work on. The discussion will include a Q&A.

Emily Alek '18, junior copywriter, McCann, NYC
Bryan Allman '18, copywriter, Anomaly, NYC
Isabel Drukker '19, copywriter, Partners + Napier, Rochester
Manny Garcia '18, junior copywriter, Translation, NYC
Matt Hankin '17, art director, Merkley+Partners, NYC
Sophie Knochenhauer '19, junior copywriter, Arnold, Boston
Will Milowsky '19, junior copywriter, Merkley+Partners, NYC
Annie Turner '19, junior copywriter, FCB, NYC
Yuxin Xiong '19, junior art director, Merkley+Partners, NYC

For more information, contact:
Shawna Lawrence