My LA experience!

Tessa Meehan

Hello, my name is Tessa Meehan, and I am currently a rising junior studying public relations at the Newhouse School! This semester I have been granted the opportunity to not only take classes geared more toward the arts and entertainment industry and its functions, but also to work hands-on in the industry with an internship experience. With that said, my semester this summer has been hectic, but nothing less than exciting. While taking courses and completing an internship simultaneously may seem like a lot to handle, I have definitely found more than enough time to explore the city! Getting out there and exploring new parts of the world is one of the biggest advantages of studying abroad. From the events Newhouse has provided for us including screenings, dinners, shows, guest speakers, etc.; to the multitude of excursions I’ve gone on with my peers, the Newhouse LA semester truly has an exciting surprise around each corner for everyone!

My Newhouse LA Summer Experience

Allie Nelson

Hi! My name is Allie Nelson and I’m a rising senior from Colorado Springs, Colorado, studying computer art and animation and art history with a minor in architecture at Syracuse University. This summer, I’m interning at The Operating Room, a small production company based in Los Angeles. This last month I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn about the entertainment industry and how it’s changing. I’ve also gained firsthand experience with coverage (reading scripts, comics and pitches for shows or movies for future development), developing scripts and graphic design for future projects. It has been such a rewarding experience so far, and even though my work is not in person, I’ve been able to bond with my co-workers and really feel like part of a team. This program has given me the opportunity to meet other Syracuse University students who aspire to work in the entertainment industry, as well as network with alumni (including my boss) and so many amazing people who play big roles in the industry. Our apartment is located right in the middle of Los Angeles, just a 15-minute drive (not counting the delightful traffic) from Hollywood and Vine. When I’m not working at my internship or in class, I’ve been exploring the city and southern California. So far, I’ve been to quite a few beaches, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, visited the Grove and the original farmer’s market and spent a weekend camping in Joshua Tree National Park. I plan on exploring much more of southern California in the next month! Overall, this program has been an amazing experience, and we’re only halfway through the summer. There’s so much more to see and learn!

Taco experience in LA

Tacos in Los Angeles

It has been around two weeks in Los Angeles, and I have taken the liberty to try every taco place I encounter. So far, I’ve hit 10 different spots ranging from taco stands to trucks. Let me just say that they have all been fantastic. My go-to is always a carne asada and fish taco. I find that they are the best indicators of what makes a taco place stand out for me. However, two days ago I was finally able to get my hands on an authentic birria taco, a dish I‘ve been craving for the longest time. Firme Tacos was the name of the taco stand I stumbled upon with the fantastic dish. The birria taco dipped inside the consommé was a phenomenal experience that I believe everyone should try.

Incredible Summer

L-R: Yahan Xu and a friend on the beach in Los Angeles

My name is Yahan Xu, a rising senior. I’m television, radio and film major with a psychology minor. It was incredible to join Newhouse LA for a semester. As a student who wants to develop my career in the film industry in the future, it is the best choice to come to Los Angeles for an internship. At the same time, Com Law and other courses offered by Newhouse LA also solved my credit needs.

I am enjoying my current lifestyle: go to the gym in the morning, come back after breakfast and start my internship (I’m interning at Immortal Cinema International and my work is to read scripts, write coverage and be an editorial assistant), go to evening classes after the internship and enjoy the dinner made by my roommates when I’m back home.

Having a car allows us to go anywhere freely. During weekends we go to the beach or Koreatown. The supermarkets and restaurants in Ktown are our favorites. There’s so many amazing Asian foods. For me there’s a lot more options than Syracuse. Surprisingly, I adapted faster than expected. Before coming to Los Angeles I was anxious about internships, courses, renting, etc., but now I have fully adapted and am enjoying my life in Los Angeles. Everything is going smoothly and orderly. (I’m pretty sure I’ll miss living in Los Angeles a lot when I get back to Syracuse.) 

Internship and Being A Student

Leia Bisgard

Something that some of my professors in this semester of Newhouse LA have stressed is that if you want to stay with a company, you have to make yourself indispensable. Which, on its face, sounded absolutely terrifying to me. How am I supposed to do that? What does it even mean to be indispensable? But I’ve found that the best way to do it is already something we as young students have an advantage at, having grown up with it: technology. I am interning at a small game studio, and being on the lookout for the technology at my company and being able to learn it was something that has made me an important part of our pipeline. Through this experience, I learned that the best thing to do is not stress over whether what you’re doing is enough or not, it is to really try to get out there and learn as much as you can and take advantage of the fact that you’re a student.

The Newhouse LA Experience

Wyatt Dennis

Coming into this semester, I was very anxious. As a senior that is a dual major in both Newhouse and the iSchool, I have been constantly flipping back and forth between wanting to pursue IT and wanting to be in the entertainment industry, with not a lot of time left to decide. Coming to Los Angeles was my last-ditch effort to see if the film business was right for me, and I can now say with confidence, that it definitely is. Being in this city has completely relit my passion for the industry and has reminded me of why I wanted to apply to Newhouse in the first place. I am currently interning with Audio Design Desk, which is a company creating a software that makes it easier to edit audio for videos. I am tasked with editing marketing videos for their social media accounts, which is a lot of fun because I can get real creative. I have met a lot of great people at my internship, and it is cool working for a relatively new startup and seeing how they are trying to make a name for themselves within the market. On top of that, classes this semester have been super fun, with my favorite being acting with Barbara Deutsch. Overall, I could not be happier with my decision to do Newhouse LA, and I can’t wait to graduate and start working full-time in Los Angeles!

Newhouse LA students attend “I Want You Back” premiere

Katie Lane

The Newhouse LA program offers so many fun (and free) events that are honestly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Last month, we were invited to the world premiere of Amazon Studios’ “I Want You Back” film. The event lived up to its Valentine’s Day date night theme starting off with a drive-in style screening. When we pulled up to the big screen, we saw the cast and creators of the movie walking the red carpet and giving interviews with reporters. The movie itself was great and it was fun to watch along with my peers. After the showing, there was a huge party full of free food, drinks and carnival snacks. There, we met with creators, cast and multiple crew members from the film. They offered us great advice as we finish our schooling and enter the real world. Charlie Day and Gina Rodriguez, two of the movie’s stars, even posed for photos with us. The night was all I dreamed it would be coming out to Los Angeles as a Syracuse University student!

The Griffith Observatory

Amanda Lennes

So far in Los Angeles, I’ve found that most of the things to do cost quite a bit of money: theme parks, restaurants, even parking is expensive when you’re living on a student budget! But there are also a lot of cheap things to do, one of them being going to the Griffith Observatory. It’s only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – luckily, those are the only days I tend to find myself free. On days you’re able to go, you can park near the entrance of Griffith Park – which is free –there’s a mile-long hiking trail that will bring you up to the entrance in just under 30 minutes. Along the way, there is a path near a stream, a park area and amazing views of downtown Los Angeles. When you arrive, admission is also free, and you get full access to the entire observatory, including some presentations given by museum workers throughout the day. As a student, you also get a discount on the shows, making the total trip costing, at most, only five dollars. I personally loved going here. There were so many exhibits to check out and the hike was easy and fun, especially with friends. Overall, a great, affordable experience that everyone should do while they’re here!

Los Angeles – A city of beauty

Yitong (Iris) Liu

As a student who spent two and a half years in Syracuse, coming to Los Angeles was the best choice I made. I love Syracuse, every season in this city allows me to quiet down and think quietly. I also love Los Angeles, and unlike Syracuse, every corner of the city reminds me that I am alive and that I should enjoy my life. Los Angeles was the best view I’ve ever seen, I went to the beach in Santa Monica during sunset and understood that the original Tequila sunrise colors didn’t exaggerate the beauty of the sky. I also watched the entire city’s warning lights on horseback in Hollywood. I stood in front of the telescope at the Griffin Observatory in Los Angeles looking for different nebulae, and I touched starfish in different museums. This short one-month experience has made me feel the beauty of Los Angeles. I think in the future I will continue to go to more beautiful places and see more beautiful scenery. If someone asked me for my advice on this city, I think I would say: “Please remember to enjoy the most beautiful Los Angeles with the people you love.”

Filmworks FX Internship

Nate McClymond

At my internship, I am currently doing work in the form of visual effects for TV shows, feature films and promotional content. I have gained so many valuable skills not just from being around technically proficient professionals, but simply from “being in the room where it happens.” From being able to go into the screening room to watch other artists’ visual effects work, to watching my co-workers create a 3-D rigged camera connected to computer editing software, it is evident that my internship experience is not just preparing me for life after school, but the future of technology as well. Learning to edit, rotoscope, track and composite from industry professionals provides me with the skills to enter a field that is rapidly improving and changing, something that I wanted out of my internship experience. Furthermore, the ability to get in-person, face-to-face instruction and help from my company’s best artists that I can consider my “peers” is an asset to my education. I greatly appreciate the opportunities my internship has given me not just to learn and gain technical experience, but to thrive in Hollywood post-graduation by being surrounded by professionals minds and masters of the craft. All in all, my internship has made me feel more comfortable in the professional world, allowed me to network with individuals in my interests, and has made me more aware of the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood and the media industry in general, and has been a very rewarding experience for me to have alongside amazing classes and professors.