Newhouse students gain on-the-ground experience as interns on PBS “Frontline” documentary

Six Newhouse students interned for the PBS “Frontline” documentary “After Zero Tolerance,” directed and produced by Oscar Guerra, a “Frontline” producer and University of Connecticut associate professor. The students worked intermittently on the film for the past two years before it aired on Dec. 6, 2022.

The documentary—produced in partnership with UConn and the Newhouse School—tells the story of a Honduran family struggling to reunite after having been separated three years earlier at the United States-Mexico border.

Guerra says it’s a powerful story. “Media has the power to connect people, and producers have the responsibility to bring these issues to mainstream media,” he says.

The film was conceived by Guerra in early 2021. The opportunity for students to intern with the production came after Newhouse dean Mark J. Lodato  connected with Raney Aronson-Rath, the show’s editor-in-chief and executive producer. Lodato had worked with “Frontline” in his previous role as dean of Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  

“This partnership with PBS ‘Frontline’ provides yet another opportunity for our students to acquire on-the-ground experience in the field,” Lodato says. “They were able to develop their skills in the mechanics of documentary production, and—perhaps even more importantly—they were able to take part in a project that truly demonstrates the power of storytelling.”

L-R: Oscar Guerra, Adriana Rozas Rivera, Maranie Staab, Genesis, her aunt Xiomara and a student from the University of Connecticut.

After Lodato secured the partnership, Newhouse professors recommended students they knew would be an asset to the documentary. The participating students were Patrick Linehan ’21, Adriana Rozas Rivera G’21, Cole Strong ’22 and Estheralice Lopez ’22, now alumni, plus Shantal Guzman and Maranie Staab. All the students’ names are listed in the credits of the documentary.

The six were paid interns for the production, assisting with research, website development, translation, travel, shooting and post-production. The production lasted from early 2021 to late 2022; when some of the students graduated, others took their place on the team.

“We are so pleased to have partnered with students from the Newhouse School,” Aronson-Rath says. “These emerging journalists embody the next generation of storytellers, and we are excited to see the important stories they tackle as they continue to grow in their careers.”

Guerra knew the documentary needed captioning to make it accessible for viewers who do not speak Spanish, so magazine, news and digital journalism senior Guzman worked on the film’s post-production team as a transcriber.

Guzman, who speaks fluent Spanish, took the internship opportunity despite her lack of experience in video production. She transcribed and translated the many interviews with the immigrant family members. 

“As a dual major in political science, this experience overall was really great and I am incredibly glad I was able to be a part of it,” Guzman says.

Adriana Rozas Rivera

Rozas Rivera  worked as a project manager on the documentary, guiding the other Newhouse students as they reviewed media, image collection and integrated research. Similar to Guzman, she began working on the piece as a translator. Given her interest in bilingual storytelling, Rozas Rivera was excited to join the team. She later became a field producer, budgeting and planning the trip to meet the immigrant family.

“The most important part about the film, to me, is its focus on Spanish language voices,” Rozas Rivera says. “Usually, you do not see documentaries that focus on Latino communities without dubbing over them in English, but Oscar [Guerra] lets the captioning do the work by highlighting these Latino voices.”

Both Rozas Rivera and Staab—who was a graduate student in the multimedia, photography and design program when she worked on the project—traveled with the “Frontline” team to meet the family in Louisville, Kentucky in October 2021. Genesis, the young daughter who had been separated from her family at the border, was reunited with her mother after three years. Guerra’s team was there to capture that reunion as well as additional footage and interviews.

Staab shot B-roll during the day; at night, she and Rozas Rivera transferred and backed up files, reviewed notes and prepared for the next day.

Staab, who has worked on immigration stories before, says her favorite part of the shoot was playing with Genesis. “I think at the time she was six years old,” Staab says. “She liked cameras, so we were able to just play around with them and [I was able to] establish a little bit of a rapport with her.”

Genesis (left) plays with Maranie Staab (right) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Though humble about her contribution to the film, Staab is thankful for the experience. “I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to something that I see is just an important story,” she says.

To celebrate the film, the Newhouse School held a premiere in December. Many students and faculty attended; it proved to be a powerful and reflective moment for the participating students who took this opportunity to show their work to a wide audience.

“It was so awesome attending the premiere,” Guzman says. “I had the opportunity to speak about my experience with those there. It was my first time watching the entire documentary and it was really cool to see the finished product and my name in the credits.”

Watch the documentary here.

Tessa Meehan is a senior public relations major at the Newhouse School.

Madelyn Geyer, content manager at the Newhouse School, also contributed to this article.

Newhouse junior discovers new interests through Orange Television Network show

Meno Fahmy

Television, radio and film (TRF) junior Meno Fahmy has done what most travelers only dream of: he’s lived on three different continents in less than two decades. The son of Egyptian diplomats, Fahmy was born in the United States and moved to Egypt in seventh grade for his parents’ profession. 

In tenth grade, the family left Egypt for Seoul, South Korea where Fahmy finished out his junior and senior years of high school. Fahmy wanted to attend college in the United States, and his interest in the communications industry led him to the Newhouse School.

“I lived in New Jersey when I was in the States so I knew I liked the east coast,” he says. “Newhouse had a great program, so it was an easy decision for me to come here.”

He started at Newhouse in the Fall 2020 semester, recognizing the immense change that college brings.

“It can be overwhelming, but that’s just what college is whether you’re international or not,” he says. “The only way to make the most of your time here is to get out of your own head.”

Initially coming in as a broadcast and digital journalism major, Fahmy recently declared his new major in television, radio and film with a minor in philosophy. His interests changed after joining “The Review Crew” his sophomore year, a program on Syracuse University’s student-run network, Orange Television Network. “The Review Crew” is a weekly multi-camera show dedicated to discussing television shows and new and old films. 

“I run a lot of the tech stuff [on Review Crew], working with the switchboard and making sure the audio’s sounding good,” Fahmy says. “General manager Meg Craig and Marlon Legaspi, who’s a studio technician there, are huge helps with all of that stuff when something isn’t working.”

Through his work for the show, Fahmy discovered his interest in television and film, and later attended some TRF classes before making the switch. 

“Multimedia Storytelling was a really interesting class,” he says. “Getting to create short films with other students for the first time was a very eye opening experience that helped me understand this was something I was interested in.”

Changing majors over halfway into his college career was a “scary” but “necessary” switch to guide the rest of his future endeavors.

Fahmy interned with the newly formed, Los Angeles-based production company American High, and now looks forward to a career in development or production post-graduation.

“If it weren’t for joining The Review Crew and completing my internship, I would have never found my interest in film and TV, and it completely would have changed my experiences on campus and in my future career.”

Tessa Meehan is a senior public relations major at the Newhouse School.

L’Pree co-authors paper on media perpetuation and disruption of female stereotypes in STEM

Charisse L’Pree Corsbie-Massay, associate professor of communications, co-authored the paper, “The role of media professionals in perpetuating and disrupting stereotypes of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields” with Michele G. Wheatly of Syracuse University. The paper was published in Frontiers in Communication.


Women continue to be underrepresented in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields despite efforts to enhance interest and persistence at all levels in the educational pipeline. The “chilly” climate documented for girls and women in STEM exists within a broader communication climate established and reinforced by media professionals. The present study examined the role of media professionals in perpetuating stereotypes of women in STEM through two approaches (1) conducting interviews with seventeen STEM women about their engagement with media professionals and (2) surveying 105 media professionals about their stereotypes about science and scientists. STEM women report positive interactions with the media despite incidents of unprofessionalism, dissonance between the processes and pace of science vs. the media, an undercurrent of issues pertaining to gender and other forms of representation, and an ethical responsibility to engage with media. The survey of media professionals revealed persistent stereotypes about scientists across both genders, and these stereotypes were more pronounced among those who engaged with science as part of their job, particularly among those working in entertainment and advertising and those working outside of journalism and social media. To establish greater equity in STEM fields and the knowledge pipeline, communication scholars must investigate the role of media professionals in this process and consider best practices to disrupt media stereotypes about STEM women.

Newhouse School to host Scripps Howard Leadership Academy this summer

Deans, associate deans, faculty and experienced journalists are invited to apply for the higher education leadership immersion.

The Newhouse School at Syracuse University, in partnership with the Scripps Howard Fund, will develop and host a selective and competitive leadership immersion program for deans, associate deans, faculty and experienced journalists this summer. The Scripps Howard Leadership Academy will take place July 16-20, in Syracuse.

The training program brings together professionals and scholars with seasoned administrators to give participants the opportunity to learn about the challenges and rewards of leading an academic institution. A cohort of 12-16 participants will be chosen for this year’s program, which will feature the themes of innovation, transformation and the work schools of journalism and mass communications must do to tackle the challenges facing the industry today.

“Challenges to democracy and freedoms of the press and an enhanced scrutiny on media credibility are just a few of the major issues affecting journalism and mass communications schools at the society level,” says Newhouse dean Mark J. Lodato. “Academic institutions are evolving rapidly as the shift in the ways we consume information places new expectations on universities. As a past Scripps Howard Leadership Academy participant, I am beyond ecstatic to host this group of new and emerging leaders as we seek to build an even stronger future for journalism and mass communications, and for our academic institutions.”

Previously hosted by Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communication, the Scripps Howard Leadership Academy has focused on a wide range of topics for emerging and new leaders, including professional and academic pathways to administration; budgeting and fundraising; stimulating faculty performance; and first-year lessons learned.

“This program gives the Scripps Howard Fund the ability to positively influence the future leaders of journalism education in a way that can be magnified significantly over time,” says Mike Canan, director of journalism strategies for the Scripps Howard Fund. “The trickle-down effects for students and the industry are ramifications of reviving a program that has trained a number of academic leaders over the last two decades.” 

Past participants have noted the benefits of the academy:

Applications and nominations for the 2023 program may be submitted online. Deadline is April 15; selected participants will be notified in early May.  

For more information, contact Brad Horn, associate dean for strategic initiatives at the Newhouse School, at

Fall 2022 Dean’s List

The following undergraduate students enrolled in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications were among those named to the Dean’s List for the Fall 2022 semester. To qualify, students completed a minimum of 12 graded credit hours and earned at least a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) during the semester.

Students: Please contact Undergraduate Advising at with questions about your current Dean’s List status.

Karen M. Abaya

Christian J. Abdo

Lucia S. Abela

Kathryn V. Abkemeier

Tate Abrahamson

Marie E. Achkar

Benjamin D. Adams

Delaney Adams

Megan Adams

Neil D. Adams

Kylie A. Adedeji

Chilekasi C. Adele

Mia N. Adelman

Tyler J. Aitken

Anthony Alandt

Sarah C. Alessandrini

Benjamin Alfano

Olivia J. Allison

Dante J. Almanzar

Naiya J. Amin

Daniel D. Amron

Abigail Anastas

Sophia L. Anastasakis

Margaret A. Anderson

Nickaylia A. Anderson

Mullane R. Andreychuk

Mia E. Angioletti

Grace A. Anthony

Gino F. Antimarino

Nicole Aponte

Nathaniel A. Applebaum

Victoria R. Aragi

Jacqueline S. Arbogast

Katherine E. Armlin

Lindsay K. Arons

Jake E. Aryeh

Chelsie O. Auguste

Erin Augusterfer

Jade Aulestia

Isabella K. Austin

Sara E. Ayers

Luke C. Backman

Remy F. Bailard

Anthony C. Bailey

Carter Bainbridge

Emily J. Baird

Emily K. Bakalos

Thomas G. Baker

Stella Balaskas

Alexander F. Baldwin

Cole A. Bambini

Kate P. Bantle

John N. Barber

David A. Barbier Jr

Sophie L. Bard

Molly L. Baron

Kathleen M. Barrett

Kaylee L. Barrett

Kenneth J. Barrist

Jack I. Barsh

Drew Bartelstein

India E. Bartram

Samantha Bash

Natalie Bass

Vir S. Batra

Eleanor J. Batten

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Michaela W. Baxter

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Nicole E. Beaudet

Kayla J. Beck

Madelyn G. Beck

Audrey B. Becker

Sophia F. Becker

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Isabel T. Bekele

Molly H. Beker

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Marguerite T. Bellotti

Charles P. Ben-Ami

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Emily T. Benjamin

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Rosina L. Boehm

Julia M. Boehning

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Howard Woolley ’80 supports the student experience in Washington, D.C.

A gift from Newhouse School alumnus and Syracuse University Trustee Howard Woolley ’80 will support students studying in Washington, D.C.  

Howard Woolley

Woolley, who is based in Washington, is president and CEO of the Howard Woolley Group, a strategic business and public policy advisory firm for the telecommunications and technology industries. He is a member of the Newhouse Advisory Board and sits on the DEI subcommittee.

The gift will support students with demonstrated financial need who are studying in the school’s Newhouse DC program, based at the new Syracuse University Democracy, Journalism and Citizenship Institute. Preference will be given to students who advance the University’s interest in promoting the educational benefits of a diverse student body. Students may begin benefiting from the fund as early as this spring.

“The academic work and  professional internships will be invaluable to the students’ careers,” says Woolley. “Their participation in the Democracy, Journalism, and Citizenship Institute will be invaluable  to society.”

Newhouse dean Mark J. Lodato says support from Woolley and other alumni will play a key role in the success of the school’s DC-based initiatives. “We are grateful for alumni like Howard, who share our vision for an expanded presence in Washington and who understand the myriad ways our students will benefit from educational and hands-on experiences in the nation’s capital.”

About Syracuse University

Syracuse University is a private research university that advances knowledge across disciplines to drive breakthrough discoveries and breakout leadership. Our collection of 13 schools and colleges with over 200 customizable majors closes the gap between education and action, so students can take on the world. In and beyond the classroom, we connect people, perspectives and practices to solve interconnected challenges with interdisciplinary approaches. Together, we’re a powerful community that moves ideas, individuals and impact beyond what’s possible.

About Forever Orange: The Campaign for Syracuse University

Orange isn’t just our color. It’s our promise to leave the world better than we found it. Forever Orange: The Campaign for Syracuse University is poised to do just that. Fueled by more than 150 years of fearless firsts, together we can enhance academic excellence, transform the student experience and expand unique opportunities for learning and growth. Forever Orange endeavors to raise $1.5 billion in philanthropic support, inspire 125,000 individual donors to participate in the campaign, and actively engage one in five alumni in the life of the University. Now is the time to show the world what Orange can do. Visit to learn more.

Newhouse student wins OZY Genius Award, will create short film exploring mental health

Newhouse School senior David Anthony Barbier Jr. has been named an OZY Genius Award winner for 2023. The annual program provides college students with up to $10,000 to work on a proposed original project.

Barbier, a television, radio and film major, is writing a script for a short film titled “Numb.” He aims to create a piece that will encourage people, especially men, to seek help and access mental health treatment. The story follows the main character Lynel, who goes to therapy following a traumatic event and tries to wall off his emotions.

“‘Numb’ will dive into how, even when it can feel unbearable sometimes, these emotions serve as a balance to ensure that we truly appreciate the good in our lives,” Barbier says. “This story will explain the importance of understanding our feelings and emotions. I want people to come away from this and feel as if they can be their most authentic and vulnerable self, emotions and all.”

In addition to funding, OZY Genius Award winners receive mentorship support. Final projects will debut at a showcase in September.

Barbier, a Syracuse University Posse Scholar, was a 2021 Jeff Ubben Posse Fellow. Through that program, he spent a summer shadowing AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan and published an interview with him. He also completed the Nyah Project’s Global Youth Leadership Fellowship program, studied in South Korea last spring and participated in the Newhouse LA program in the fall. A native of Miami, he plans to move to Los Angeles after graduation and pursue a career as a screenwriter, actor and director.

New podcast explores how technology has dramatically changed storytelling

From news to fiction to film to photography to podcasts to social media and even the human voice, technological innovation has inspired and enabled new paradigms in storytelling.

This month, in partnership with Antica Productions and Trint and in association with WAER, the Newhouse School will launch “StoryTech with Jeff Kofman,” a podcast that explores this new era of storytelling. Upcoming guests include Ted Koppel ’60, H’82, acclaimed journalist and former longtime anchor of “Nightline” on ABC, and Stacey Mindich ’86, a Tony, Grammy and Olivier Award-winning theatrical producer. 

“This collaboration is an example of what’s best about the Newhouse School: The ability to bring professionals together with students to produce strong content destined for a wider audience,” says Newhouse dean Mark J. Lodato. “We all know podcasting is growing fast and it is a space where the Newhouse School intends to lead.”

Jeff Kofman

During host Jeff Kofman’s 33-year career as an Emmy Award-winning international journalist, he reported from more than 40 countries for ABC, CBS and CBC News. He left news media to found Trint, a London-based tech startup that leverages the power of AI to turn audio and video into powerful content for reporters and producers.

“For a long time, I’ve been fascinated with how technology and innovation shape what we read, hear and watch,” Kofman says. 

In each episode of StoryTech, Kofman weaves in his experience as a journalist, war correspondent and tech inventor to explore how storytelling has been shaped by innovation. WAER general manager Chris Bolt ’89, G95 says, “The episodes provide a kind of media literacy that helps people understand what they’re hearing, watching and reading.”

The first two episodes of “StoryTech” will air Jan. 31. Listen at or wherever you get your podcasts.

For more information, contact WAER general manager Chris Bolt at 315.443.5242 or

Newhouse students get front-row seat at FISU Winter World University Games

Seventeen Newhouse School students are in Lake Placid covering the FISU Winter World University Games. This is only the second time the international sports competition has been hosted in the United States. The opening ceremony takes place today at 7 p.m.  

The students, who are photography,  public relations and television, radio and film majors, will cover and promote the games, which feature more than 1,400 athletes competing in sports ranging from ice hockey to figure skating to alpine skiing. Teams hail from 46 countries around the world, including Sweden, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, as well as the U.S.

Faculty members Seth Gitner, Jon Glass and Brad Horn are accompanying the students.

“Students will get the benefit of learning from seasoned photo and events professionals while producing work that will be seen literally around the world,” says Gitner, who partnered with SONY to outfit students with new A9II camera kits.

Student work will be posted on the event newsroom and photo site, bringing the content to a wide audience. Students will also share social content throughout the event. 

“There’s a certain trial by fire for people who’ve never photographed sports before,” says photo minor Surya Vaidy. “I’m lucky to be here with the Newhouse team because they provide the space for me to learn without judgement while also having fun.”

In addition to Vaidy, participating students are public relations majors Christian Abdo, Zoe Jurmann, Quinn Schmidt, Aidan Shephard and Elizabeth VanBeuren; photography majors Scarlett Benson, Kayla Breen, Caroline Butler, Maddie Crooke, Zoë McCreary, Carmen Miller, Bond Photos, Sammy Swiss, Hailey Trejo and Isaiah Vazquez; and television, radio and film major Vivian Porter.

“I’m really grateful for this opportunity as it’s not every day that you have access to photograph 13 different sports and learn from professionals who have decades of Olympics experience,” Crooke says.

Tune into the Newhouse School’s Instagram account this Friday, when two of the students will provide an up-close look at the Lake Placid scene during an Instagram “Takeover.”

You can also follow the event on Twitter via the hashtag #FISUGames.

The students will continue their work until Jan. 22.

About FISU World University Games

The FISU World University Games is the world’s largest multi-sporting event for collegiate athletes, ages 17-25. The 11-day Lake Placid 2023 FISU Games feature 1,443 collegiate athletes from 540 universities across 46 countries. The competition consists of 12 winter sports and 85 medal events contested throughout New York state’s Adirondack region, including Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, Wilmington, North Creek, Canton and Potsdam. Fans can follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with @LakePlacid2023, @SaveWinterHQ, #lakeplacid2023 and #savewinter.

Two Newhouse alumni release first feature film

Nate Hapke

Filmmakers Nate Hapke ’14 and Rosie Grace ’14 recently released their first feature film, a romantic drama titled “TWO DASH ONE ONE.” Both Hapke and Grace are alumni of the Newhouse School’s television, radio and film (TRF) program.

While Hapke directed the film, he and Grace share writing and producing credits. The film’s cinematographer, Nicholas Ferreiro ’15, is also an alumnus of the TRF program.

“TWO DASH ONE ONE” tells the story of two young lovers who are forced to reexamine their relationship when they are reunited in the afterlife after being torn apart by a tragic accident. The two main characters, Marnie and April, struggle to find life amidst monotony, and face difficult truths to find their happily ever after.

Written in the quarantine of the COVID-19 pandemic, the film’s narrative emerged from a short writing prompt Hapke and Grace heard on actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s podcast. With a finished script and a simple production—two characters and one location—the crew shot the film over 10 days in the middle of a California heat wave.

Rosie Grace

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share this very special story with an ever-widening audience,” Hapke said in a press release when Freestyle Digital Media acquired the film’s rights. Through the independent film distributor, “TWO DASH ONE ONE” is now available to rent and own on North American digital, high definition, internet and satellite platforms.

Grace reflects on the film’s journey and how grateful she and Hapke are of the filmmaking experience.

“It’s so humbling and exciting to finally be sharing this project with the world,” Grace says. “What started as a cathartic lockdown collaboration evolved into an incredible production adventure, and a final product that we’re so proud to claim as our first feature film.”

The filmmakers, who all participated in the Newhouse LA off-campus program, acknowledge how their Newhouse education and experiences aided in the creation and release of the film.

Nicholas Ferreiro

“We’re so grateful to our Newhouse family, because without them this movie wouldn’t even exist,” Grace says.  “We owe it to Barbara Jones’ TRF 235 class for bringing us together in the first place, and the practical experience we received during our LA semester which really helped set us up for success. We also couldn’t have done it without the incredible support we received from our school, professors and fellow alumni during the crowdfunding process.”