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Undergraduate Advising FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about your advising experience at the Newhouse School.

  • How does advising work at Newhouse?
    • There are two types of advising: major/career advising and general academic advising. Faculty advisers, who are Newhouse professors, help students plan their major courses, select electives in their major, sponsor students in internships and offer career advice. They can also assist with picking courses and deciding on minors, as well as provide other general advising, depending on the comfort level of both parties.

      General academic advising is the responsibility of professional advisers in the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office (UAR) in 316 Newhouse 3. This office helps students understand and complete core requirements, explaining processes such as registration, navigating offices across campus and exploring options such as minors and second majors.

      Faculty adviser signatures, as well as those of department chairs, are often needed on various forms the university and school require.

      While students have an official faculty adviser and an academic adviser in the UAR, students are encouraged to consult with any and all faculty in Newhouse. Faculty have weekly office hours when they are available to speak with students and advisees.

  • Who is my faculty adviser?
    • You have one assigned faculty adviser at Newhouse as well as a professional adviser in the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office (UAR) in 316 Newhouse 3.

      Find advising to-do lists for each year you are at Newhouse>>

      First-year students are required to take COM 100, a zero-credit, advising seminar in the fall semester. The professor who teaches their COM 100 section is the student’s assigned Newhouse faculty adviser for that semester. Once the student declares a major, s/he will find a faculty adviser in their major department, with the assistance of the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office and their current faculty adviser. Most students stay with their COM 100 faculty adviser throughout their first year and find a faculty adviser in their major during the sophomore year. Professional advisers are assigned by student last name.

      Transfer students, external and internal, are assigned an adviser in their major upon entering Newhouse. They may change their faculty adviser at any time should their interests and focus change.

      All students should have a faculty adviser in their major by the time they have junior standing (59 or more credits earned). You will find that changing your faculty adviser is an easy process once you have made the decision to change. 

  • How do I change my faculty adviser?
    • You should identify faculty in your major who have similar interests and/or backgrounds. The experts page on the Newhouse website can help you do so. Speaking with your current adviser, COM 100 faculty adviser or department chair is helpful to identify matches. Advising staff in the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office (UAR) can also help you find a faculty adviser in your chosen major.

      To change advisers, you need to pick up a “Change of Adviser” form in the UAR and get the new adviser’s signature. You do not need to notify your former adviser, undergraduate advising and records will send out a notification.

  • How do I know what I need to take and what my requirements are?
    • The Undergraduate Advising and Records Office (UAR) in 316 Newhouse 3 is responsible for general academic advising. Students will begin working with undergraduate advising and records before they arrive on campus to discuss AP and/or prior college credit, their fall schedule choices, language and math placement exam issues, etc.  

      Representatives from the UAR visit each COM 100 section (first year seminar) in the fall to discuss requirements, core and registering for classes. The UAR also holds advising sessions for transfer students (both external and internal) when they enter the school.

      For sophomores, the UAR offers a seminar, “Navigating Your Newhouse Degree,” multiple times each semester that outlines core and major requirements, progression through majors, picking a minor, etc.

      We will provide you with a lot of information, tools and guidance concerning your degree requirements including printed and online resources. Ultimately, you are responsible for understanding and completing your requirements for graduation.

  • Can I meet with someone to discuss my requirements?
    • Of course! You have many individuals at Newhouse here to help you understand your requirements and answer questions. Freshman and sophomore year we focus on small group advising with your faculty and academic adviser. Your academic adviser in the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office (UAR) is also available for more focused questions during open office hours or by appointment.

      Junior year students are required to have at least one sit-down appointment with a member of the academic advising staff to discuss remaining requirements during their last four semesters at Newhouse. Students can have an appointment every semester if they sign up. Students must sign up for a degree audit with their academic adviser through Orange SUccess.

      View a video tutorial on how to sign up for an appointment through Orange SUccess>>

      For quick advising questions, the UAR provides daily drop-in hours for students. Contact the office at 315-443-4722 or nhadvise@syr.edu with additional questions.