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Registration for spring semester

Registration for the spring 2020 semester begins Nov. 7, 2019 and runs through Jan. 28, 2020.

Registration takes planning and works best if you follow the steps below. Questions? Email or stop by the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office at 316 Newhouse 3.

STEP 1: Check your assigned registration day and time on MySlice. It can be found in the enrollment section under "View My Enrollment Appointments."

STEP 2: Check “View Holds” on MySlice to be sure you don't have any holds on your registration. See "More about advising holds" at the bottom of this page for more information.

STEP 3: Select your Newhouse course(s) for the semester. Make time to discuss courses with your faculty or academic adviser.

STEP 4: Select your non-Newhouse courses for the semester. Check Degree Works to see where you stand with your home college’s core requirements and stop by the Undergraduate Advising and Records office with any questions.

Advising staff will be visiting all COM 100 sessions to instruct first-year students on Newhouse and core course selection and how to register for classes

Sophomores should attend a “Navigating Your Newhouse Degree” session to understand your requirements, discuss minors and plan for going abroad or to New York or Los Angeles.


Navigating Your Newhouse Degree sessions:

  • Friday, October 18
    11:00 am in 251 Newhouse 3

  • Friday, October 25
    11:00 am in 251 Newhouse 3

  • Monday, October 28
    5:15 pm in 350 Newhouse 2

  • Friday, November 1
    12:00 pm in 151 Newhouse 3

Juniors and seniors should review the degree audit(which is emailed to you by the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office) or visitDegree Worksto determine which courses you still need to complete. Your faculty adviser can assist you in selecting Newhouse electives.

STEP 5: Search courses and times on MySlice to create a schedule.Make several schedules with backup Arts and Sciences/core courses in the event courses or sections close.

STEP 6: Go to MySlice "Enroll in a Class" (under Enrollment) and load course choices in your shopping cart. The shopping cart is a tool to hold your preferred classes until your registration time. Choose some back-up courses before you register, as sections may close.

STEP 7: Log into MySlice at your assigned appointment time to register. There will be a window of time for schedule adjustments each semester.

Visit the registrar's website for details>>

More about registration holds

Red circle with a slash through it

If you have a registration hold, you will see a red circle with a slash through it.

First-year students and sophomores, you will not be able to register until you've filled out a Registration Advising Form and brought it to your adviser for a signature.

Note: You cannot submit the form online; you must print it out and meet with your adviser in person to remove your registration hold.

Juniors and seniors do not have Newhouse advising holds. If dually enrolled, please check with your home college.