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Internships for Credit

The summer after sophomore year is traditionally the time for your first internship experience. Internships come in all shapes and sizes—paid, unpaid, for credit or not, full-time or part-time, summer, during the academic year—and play an important role in gaining hands on experience.

Finding Internships

The Newhouse Career Development Center provides assistance in a variety of ways to identify and apply for internships all over the country.

Internships for Credit

Most Newhouse majors allow up to three credits of internship experience to count toward the degree, however please check with your academic adviser in Undergraduate Advising to see how internship credit would factor into your degree. Internship credit rules are also outlined in your Newhouse Fact Book.

Receiving credit for an internship is like taking a class—there is a tuition cost and a final grade. Summer internships registered for credit have associated tuition costs. Typical internships award one credit, but it's a good idea to check with the employer when inquiring about the internship.

Current summer tuition rates.

Current academic year tuition rates.

Students who want to earn credit for an internship should refer to this guide to navigate the process.

Internship for credit questions? Please contact Undergraduate Advising (316 Newhouse 3) at 443.4722 • • Hours: M-F 8:30a-5p • Summer: M-F 8a-4:30p.