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New students

Welcome to the Newhouse School! If you will be studying on campus, the information on this page will help you begin planning for your arrival.

New Student Checklist

  • Activate your NetID
    • Your Syracuse University NetID will give you access to the University’s email, financial aid and registration system. It is essential that you activate and check your email account regularly, as it will be the primary communication source for class, program and school information before and after you arrive on campus. Your SUID is printed on your admit letter and Intent to Register form.

      You can access your email via SUMail. Your personal records, including grades and financial aid information, is available on MySlice.

  • Apply for financial aid
    • Need-based aid is administered through the University’s Office of Financial Aid, which facilitates the disbursement of government loan funds, the only form of need-based aid available to graduate students. In order to be considered for federal aid you must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If your program begins in the summer, you must file for both 2019-20 and 2020-21. You may apply online and should do so as soon as possible. You should also check your Financial Aid To-Do List on MySlice in order to apply for summer financial aid. The curriculum sheets above indicate how many credits you will take each term.

  • Summer Registration
    • Summer registration begins on Monday, June 1 at 10 a.m. EDT. You will not be able to view these courses in MySlice until that date and time. Please complete your registration by June 8. You do not have choices where summer courses are concerned. Students in each program take the same courses, although multiple sections may be offered to keep class sizes small.

      What to register for

      Advertising (6 credits)

      • ADV 611
      • VIS 607


      Arts Journalism and Communications (6 credits)

      • AJC 602
      • VIS 607
      • MND 600 (0 credits)


      Broadcast and Digital Journalism (6-7 credits)

      • BDJ 611
      • BDJ 663
      • SMC 601 (Sports Media & Communications students only)
      • For BDJ 611 and 663, please register for section 1 of both or section 2 of both. Please do not mix and match.


      Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism (6-7 credits)

      • COM 617
      • VIS 607
      • MND 600 (0 credits)
      • SMC 601 (Sports Media & Communications students only)


      Media and Education (7 credits)

      • EDU 600 (select section 3)
      • TRF 610 (select section 1)
      • TRF 655 (select section 1)


      Multimedia, Photography and Design (6 credits)

      • COM 698
      • VIS 601 OR
      • VIS 607 (select section 2)
      • Please speak with VIS chair or associate chair before making your VIS class selection


      New Media Management (6 credits)

      • COM 698
      • ICC 617


      Public Diplomacy and Global Communications (6 credits)

      • PRL 602
      • VIS 607


      Public Relations (7 credits)

      • PRL 603
      • PRL 604
      • VIS 607


      Television, Radio and Film (7-8 credits)

      • TRF 610
      • TRF 636
      • TRF 655
      • SMC 601 (Sports Media & Communications students only)


      If you feel that you have the academic or professional background to waive out of a listed summer class, please contact us immediately at Brief course descriptions are available in the online Course Catalog. If successfully waived, options for course replacements during the summer are limited.

      How to register

      1. Course Selection

      Some courses have multiple sections, so you should just select one section. Selections are made on a first-come, first-served basis once registration begins. If one section is already closed, try another section. There will be enough space for all students. However, in an effort to maintain even numbers in all sections, the Graduate Records Office reserves the right to alter a student’s registration. In addition, there is always a chance that instructors will change.

      2. Register Online Using MySlice

      Go to Student Services, Enrollment, then click on Enroll in a Class, select Summer 2020, and use class search to find your classes and add them to your shopping cart. If you encounter problems with the registration process, please contact our office at

      Registration FAQ and Troubleshooting (login with your NetID and password)

      3. Payment

      You will be billed for summer tuition on June 19. Payment is due by July 10. If you have already applied for student loans for summer, this amount will be reflected on the bill as either applied or anticipated aid, depending on the status of the loans. If a refund is available, you may submit a request via MySlice after all payments have been satisfied.


      The course days and times are listed in MySlice. Additionally, Friday, July 3 is a University holiday in observance of Independence Day. There are no classes and University offices will be closed.

  • Health form and insurance
    • You must complete your health history and immunization forms through the SU Health Services Patient Portal by July 1. Completion of this may require a physical or immunizations. Health services are provided for students by the Syracuse University Office of Health Services through payment of mandatory health fees.

      Health insurance is also required of all graduate students, to cover expenses not included in the health fee and medical treatment outside of the Health Center, such as emergency room care, hospitalization, eye care and dental services.

  • Degree-bearing transcript
  • Communications Law Waiver Request Form
    • If you took a communications law course previously, you may be able to waive this master’s program requirement and take another course in its place. You must complete this online form by July 15 if you plan to request a waiver (or much earlier if it is one of your required summer classes). Complete the form and be sure to upload the course description and syllabus. We cannot consider forms without these attachments (unless it was a Newhouse course). Please direct questions to Linda Mathis.

  • SUID Card
    • The SUID is an identity tool and is used to access a variety of campus services. Prior to July 15, you should follow these photo submission instructions. Further information about how to obtain your card will be shared when more details about the reopening of the physical campus become available.

More Information

  • Curriculum Information
  • Academic Calendar
    • Summer session for professional master's students begins on Monday, June 29, 2020 and ends on Aug. 7. The summer session will take place online and a virtual orientation session will be offered (date TBA).

      Media studies orientation will take place on Thursday, Aug. 20. Fall semester classes begin Monday, Aug. 24, 2020.

      Get more details on the Syracuse University Academic Calendar>>

  • Housing
    • There are ample housing options in Syracuse, with many within walking distance to SU. Utilize the SU Off-Campus Housing Finder or apply for on-campus housing through MySlice.

  • Parking Permit
  • Employment Verification
    • If you have been awarded an Instructional Associate position, you are required to complete the I-9 employment verification process prior to beginning any paid work at the University. Please be sure to bring the necessary documents with you to Syracuse.

  • Facebook Group
  • Technology requirements