Newhouse 44

Members of the Newhouse 44, who are highly engaged and attuned to the ever-changing information technology landscape, seek to advise, connect with and inform current students and the next generation of Newhouse alumni.

The Newhouse 44 includes four committees:  

Each committee is led by two co-chairs who, along with the president, make up the nine-member executive board. The executive board steers the group as it delivers on the goals of elevating the Newhouse brand, strengthening alumni involvement and driving a culture of diversity reflecting the changing population and industry. All executive board members serve two-year terms and are expected to attend quarterly meetings.  

Membership requirements:         

Members of the Newhouse 44 must be graduates of Syracuse University in good standing. They must embody the ideals of Newhouse and represent the school well in their chosen field. Members should represent a diverse range of cultural, ethnic, social and gender backgrounds as well as industry foci in keeping with the modern image of Newhouse. They should value mentorship, peer-to-peer networking and professional growth. Members should also be eager to help others achieve their goals.  

Participation commitment:

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Newhouse 44 Executive Board 2020
President: Megan Corbet
President Ex-Officio: Andy Meyer
Membership: Kevin Belbey and Amrita Mainthia
Mentorship: Sharon Choi
Events: Jaime Fraser and Ellen Terchila
Communications: Bryan Dumas
Curriculum: Sterling Proffer, Ahiza García-Hodges