Mark Costa

Mark Costa

Assistant Research Professor

Interim Director, M.I.N.D. Lab

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236 Newhouse 1

Mark Costa received his Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology in 2016 from Syracuse University.  During his doctoral work, Mark oversaw the design and implementation of a cloud-based storage and analysis system for several externally funded, big data-related projects. He has published in the areas of scientometrics, applied neuroscience, and human-computer interaction, leveraging his knowledge of computational techniques to analyze data. He is currently the interim director of the M.I.N.D. Lab, which includes advanced physiological sensors (fNIRS, EEG, ECG) and a variety of augmented and mixed reality devices. His research focuses on using immersive media to support social mindfulness practice as well understanding the basic neural mechanisms of mindfulness in high stress populations. The platform can currently deliver pre-recorded mindfulness training sessions, supports multiple users engaging in synchronous communication and is preconfigured to support biofeedback training. Prior to working on the VR mindfulness project, Mark was the co-founder of Imajion, a mixed-reality focused startup in Syracuse.