Julie Chambers

Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester

  • Television, Radio & Film

Contact Information

Julie Chambers is a television and film writer, book author, teacher, mother, painter, cook, and traveler. She is a native of the San Fernando Valley, and received a B. A. from Cal State University in Northridge where she created her own major in Art’s Management/Theater and Business. She had a childhood dream to start her own theater company, having put on plays in her backyard and charging the neighborhood kids a quarter to see her productions. So, in college she took advantage of a number of opportunities to write, act, direct and produce theater.  After graduating, she worked in television production, and studied screenwriting at various schools around LA. While raising two daughters, she started writing children’s books, publishing with HarperCollins. After some success in that form, she decided to try her hand at screenwriting. She started writing freelance for television. She has written pilots and many episodes for TVLand, CBS, Disney, Fox, G4, etc. High points in her career have been writing for "The Simpsons" and working with Mel Brooks! She has been teaching for Syracuse in Los Angeles since the program began in 2008. She has taught for UCLA’s graduate school in Writing for TV and Film for over six years. In 2017-2018 she worked as a freelance writer on an animated show for Netflix. She is currently writing a historical novel along with her husband and writing partner. Together they have written many scripts for TV and film. They also contributed chapters for books on writing for TV, they consult on other people’s projects, and they received a Writer’s Guild Award nomination for their writing on "The Simpsons."