A photo of David Chambers.

David Chambers

Adjunct Professor, Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester

  • Television, Radio & Film

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David Chambers has enjoyed a lengthy career as a writer and producer of prime-time network television, having been on the writing staff of over a dozen different shows. He got his start, along with Tom Hanks, on the ABC series, "Bosom Buddies." Thereafter he worked on the Emmy Award-winning shows, "The Wonder Years" and 'Frank’s Place," also collecting a Humanitas Award for the latter. Along with his wife, Julie, he earned a Writers’ Guild Award nomination for writing "The Simpsons." He has written pilots for every major network and several cable channels, and had the delightful experience of working with Mel Brooks on "Spaceballs: The Animated Series." More recently he’s written for a new Netflix animated series that is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2018. He’s also written screenplays, both by himself and with his wife. They contributed chapters on writing for television in the book, "Inside the Room," published by Gotham/Penguin, and they continue to work as freelance script consultants. David is also on the verge of publishing his first novel, a work of historical fiction set near the end of the American Civil War, and he and his wife are currently writing another historical novel, dealing with a stateside catastrophe that took place during World War Two. David and Julie have been team-teaching writing for both the large and small screen for many years, and are proud to say they have been teaching for the Syracuse Los Angeles Semester since its launch in 2008.

David has a B. A. in Philosophy, summa cum laude, from DePauw University and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. He also received an M. A. in theatre directing from Indiana University’s Department of Theatre and Drama.